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    Posted: 11 Apr 2014
    Can't wait for Windows 9. I posted this on Windows 8 forum and the H8erts came out AGAIN. Loved Windows 7 Forum but Windows 8 Forum is getting to be a boar.


    Two good articles from Mary Jo. Interview with Terry Myerson, Microsoft's Executive Vice President of operating systems

    Microsoft OS chief Myerson on the future of 'One Windows' | ZDNet

    Microsoft OS chief Myerson talks turkey on transparency, cadence and cross platform | ZDNet

    MYERSON: We actually value using the desktop. I feel highly productive using it. It's very familiar to me. We plan -- (as) we talked about at the Build conference -- to bring modern apps to the desktop. We are going to have machines that have a great desktop experience.

    It (the desktop) is also not the right experience for a phone or a tablet. And so how the Windows experience spans these form factors and is familiar across them -- that's what we need to deliver if we're going to delight people in the whole ecosystem.

    The desktop is part of our future. It's absolutely core to Windows.

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    11 Apr 2014

  1. Lee
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    There is going to always be the haters, and have to agree with Jim that the Eight Forums is getting fairly boring, and I fine myself spending more time here on the Nines. . .
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    Windows H8ters seem to take a perverse pleasure in posting their opinions on a website dedicated to the Windows 8 OS, even though they serve no useful purpose and I totally agree that it really gets old after a while.
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    Haters are going to hate, no matter what. People are more than likely going to hate Windows 9 just as much as they have hated each prior version, it's just the bandwagon mentality that makes them think they are cool.

    Also of course the desktop is going to stay, it's going to stay for a long time just as it has always been so. I doubt you'll find anyone playing most modern games on anything but a desktop (or laptop).
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    Yes, MS will always get flack. They are the dominate OS on the planet.
    Windows 9 will change a lot from what 8 is.
    Seeing as they are dedicated to the Desktop now. We will see a lot more App integration with the desktop I think. Interactive Tiles will be a huge step in that direction.

    Cross App authentication in RT and WP would be awesome as well.

    App unification will be fantastic. One app across all platforms.

    This next 2 years are going to be big for Windows as a whole.

    Go watch some of the build week videos on Channel9 to get more insight into what is ahead.
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    I don't think it is as bad as seems. There is a small minority of windows 8 haters on the forum. Unfortunately, these members, whilst obviously using Windows 8, take pleasure in attacking any "pro " windows 8 or Microsoft posts. They are, at the same time, prolific posters so give the forum an air of being positive Windows 8 and Microsoft bashers.
    There are many members, on the other hand, who give more useful and useable information on ways to overcome any small problems they are having with Windows 8.
    It is prevalent more on our Windows 8 site then any of the others I visit. This is a pity, as that particular site, and its earlier Windows 7, have an acknowledged reputation for giving good advice..
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    I use Windows 8, but unlike many of those 'haters', I came from Mac. I have never used Windows 7, Vista, or even XP. I say that so everyone knows that I cannot compare Windows 8 to any other version of Windows. But, for those who can, and if you are a Windows 8 hater you should refrain from hating on these forums. These forums are here to help, not to let you tell everyone what you hate. As lovingwindows said, "haters are going to hate, no matter what." But, I do not believe that is why the forum is here. Please, do not express your hatred for any OS on these forums.
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    I have posted this answer in sevenforums in the thread "Is Windows 8 a mistake?"

    Windows 8 is a mistake. I was fouled by it, and I bought an Windows 8 Pro, and has been running windows 8, windows 8.1 and latest windows 8.1.1. Saturday I had it! Out with windows 8.1.1 and back in with my good old Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Uhmmm it was allmost the same feeling you have when comming home to your parents for Christmas.

    Besides "feelings" and "look of GUI" I can add, that I had 3 problems with windows 8 right from start and until I went back to windows 7.

    USB 3. First terrible performance allmost like USB2, windows 8.1 did take some care of that for the build-in USB3 in Intels chipset, but my USB3 hub (build in in my cabinet), did not work. Solved by forcing windows 7 drivers in windows 8, which was quite a challenge the first time, and it ruined my option to do a "refresh" inside windows 8.1

    Most games build with DirectX 9.0c and older runs very poorly in Windows 8, 8.1 and 8.1.1 compared to windows 7. Dx11 games are about the same in win8 and 7.

    It is allmost impossible to find an .ISO with windows 8.1 and totally impossible to find an .ISO with windows 8.1.1, so a clean install is pretty much not a possibility. As I'm danish, I of course wants a danish .ISO. But no. MS does not allow us to download an .ISO. They want us to install windows 8, make all the updates, then make a "Microsoft account" to allowing access to Windows Store, where you then can upgrade to Windows 8.1, then do a lot of updates again, and then update to windows 8.1.1 (the last is a MUST, recording to MS, as future security-updates require windows 8.1.1 to be installed). Not much "clean install" there :-(

    With that said, installing windows 7 SP1 from scratch is also a timeconsuming job. Why the .uc. don't Microsoft release a SP2? 12 minutes to install Windows 7 x64 SP1 from an USB-stick, but 5,5 HOURS to do the aftercomming updates!!

    I'm still not a "windows 8 h8ter", and I can understand why people with no problems are happy to use it. But I really do hope that Windows 9 will arrive with much less problems than windows 8 did. Most of all ... make it possible to do a CLEAN install, not that update/upgrade hell like it is now with windows 8, and (in a miner scale) with windows 7. And I also hope, that windows 9 will give people more choises, like in windows 7, to trim the look and feel of the GUI (Modern and/or desktop) without having to install 3. party programs.
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  8. Lee
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    One question. . .why did you post on this suite. . .this is windows 9 not win 8 or win 7. If you have a problem with either then you need to post on one or the either. . .enough said.
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    Lee, post: 23721, member: 135 said:
    One question. . .why did you post on this suite. . .this is windows 9 not win 8 or win 7. If you have a problem with either then you need to post on one or the either. . .enough said.
    I'm wondering about that as well.
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