Windows 10 vs. Windows 8.1 vs. Windows 7 Performance

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    Windows 10 Home 64 bit

    mll said:
    Without philosophizing...

    Windows 10 = freezing / useless
    Windows 8/8.1 = full of bugs
    Windows 7 = stable
    8.1 is every bit as stable as 7 and more secure, lighter weight, and faster. 10 works fine, there are a few small glitches but they will be fixed soon. Most of them are in things I don't use anyway.
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    Windows 10

    I might have got Mac mixed up with Windows, maybe I should have checked that out first. I can't remember even addressing you in the first place, but I've been busy doing other things, I think you just took it on yourself to feel upset because I dared to rubbish Windows 7, like I said its antiquated and if people like it fine use it, if you want to move on go to 8 or 10.

    Anyway I've got to go and check my email that's all I do all day.
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    Windows 10

    Dch48 said:
    8.1 is every bit as stable as 7 and more secure, lighter weight, and faster. 10 works fine, there are a few small glitches but they will be fixed soon. Most of them are in things I don't use anyway.
    I think you're supposed to get all upset over those glitches, I'm sure Microsoft are just sitting on their bums doing nothing, although it's funny how we're getting all these updates.

    I too think like you, the glitches will be fixed faster than they would be by Apple in my opinion.
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    Windows 10 Home 64 bit

    I have no problems at all with any of my Steam games. I was unaware of any Photoviewer issue because I hate that app and never use it. I greatly prefer IrfanView and it works fine in 10. The only things I have had problems with after doing the upgrade from 8.1 were Chrome, which needed to be reinstalled and slightly blurry text which I fixed with the cleartype wizard. Oh yeah, my resolution was set to a higher resolution than my monitor supports but that was easily fixed and my sound driver needed to be reinstalled. My initial boot times were very slow but a defrag and optimization fixed that. My machine now boots and shuts down just like it did with 8.1. Gaming is perfect and maybe even better with 10 than 8.1. The updates have all gone smoothly so far. A few minor glitches but I think less than would be expected and all is well now.
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  5. Lee
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    OS X, Win 10

    Trust_No1 said:
    I am not a Windows 10 fan, it has nothing over 7 or 8/8.1 in my opinion. Cortana isn't an issue since I already have Google Voice and Edge, let's face it, is a dog. Perhaps in several years they might get the bugs out.

    We have 8 computers in the household and will continue to keep the ones that are Windows 7 and 8 and 8.1 as they are, I see no reason to upgrade, NONE. Other than trying to get rid of the stupid GWX icon. (uninstalled it and turned updates off) It angers me if you tell it you don't want the update, it should remove it. But there again it just MS trying to force feed everyone. Personally, I don't know why people would want Windows 10, unless they have a pirated copy. IMHO
    Sorry. . .but why are you even posting. . .makes no sense, it does nothing to help those that are looking for help. . .
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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W10 Pro Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64 - remote pc

    Right now 10 isn't really too far from how 7 was at it's launch prior to the first six months time and then onto SP1 which actually wasn't too noticable as seen when correcting goofs on the earlier versions. It will still need some more updates to get it going but the few bugs being run into so far besides the upgrade hassles where 10 is nothing less then buggy it is much easier to get things organized then 8 was by a long shot!

    I didn't get to run 8.1 in CP or TP form but heard that saw improvements over 8 which many took notice of! MS working to clean up a mess 8 brought in as always and why I knew it would take a few more versions with one look at 8 for MS to work things out. W10 and likely the next version to follow(by way of updates with some bloggers calling 10 the last version? we'll see! ) should actually realize what MS was working on resulting in seeing a version people can stick with.

    Performance wise Team Viewer is seeing more resources swallowed up as 10 is making up a Recovery Drive on another 7 system where the drive was split up to see a 7/10 dual boot with both primary partitions being the exact same size to take some addition notes. Other then the length of time it takes to get 10 all set to go with settings and all your programs I would tend to agree with Traijan about how the overall performances besides installation time and settings things taking a bit longer being almost equal to how 7 is mostly due to the WinMin mini kernel having been worked out with the large gui changes that have been seen since 7 came out.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    pparks1 said:
    If I were at the opera, I would want to commit suicide. For me, pleasant music is an 80's thrash metal band, metal core band or melodic death metal :)
    One quote from the X-Files.
    How was the opera?
    I never slept better. :)
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    XP/7/8.1/10 PRO 10586

    The lack of customization is the frosting/icing on the cake for me. For someone to have to write a 3rd party program to change the most basic of functions that have been there since what ... Win 2000? So for the last 15+ years and now poof ... gone? Could someone please tell me why?

    Winaero - Free small and useful software for Windows

    Maybe I'm running the communist version of W10 where everything has to be set the way it is and cortana will send everything back to HQ. State controlled. Customize W10? = Gulag for you.
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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W10 Pro Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64 - remote pc

    Maybe I will try that on the remote system here while keeping that isolated. With almost every new version when first out someone will have some 3rd party tweaker often on a page full of other download links for things you don't want! On the second page the download link will say "download Winaero" while you will see several large buttons for other things.

    The part of not being able to adjust things is likely from not seeing 10 activated as of yet for some. You can't change the default themes leaving you with a dark background lacking wallpapers unless having some stored you can toss into the Windows or folder on the drive to pick and choose from.

    Windows 10 vs. Windows 8.1 vs. Windows 7 Performance-w10-pro-x64-runs-w10-remote-setup.jpg
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    Windows / Linux : Arch Linux

    Lee said:
    Sorry. . .but why are you even posting. . .makes no sense, it does nothing to help those that are looking for help. . .

    Hi there

    Agree with Lee's post

    If you were say on a Harley Davidson Bikers Forum would you post saying how dreadful the Bikes are (They aren't at all IMO).

    Yes - some things on W10 could be better and some stuff added - but that's the same with almost any product on the market - you'll almost never find a 100% satisfactory product . Surely it's better to make CONSTRUCTIVE criticism amd suggestions than just saying "I hate this xxxxx"

    What sort of response do you (@ Trust_no1) want from that type of remark --- seems to me like some totally socially inadequate sub teen just posting for the sake of it.

    @pparks1 I LIKE the opera !!! but each to their own. I loathe though boring repetitive current Night club music - it's just THUMP THUMP THUMP etc usually played for people who've imbibed or consumed a variety of substances - not all necessarily legal either.

    @ the rest -- whatever else people say about W10 -- I find the performance far better than W7 and if you don't like Apps or the tiled stuff just delete the tiles from the start menu. W7 starting up just seems as slow as molasses compared with W10 even when both are using SSD's.

    Another great thing you can have on W10 (also W8/W8.1) that you can't do on W7 is use STORAGE SPACES -- great idea.

    If legacy games etc don't work or work slowly then it's usually up to the hardware / software manufacturers to update their kit. Ms can't be expected to have solutions for every possible combination of hardware / software on the planet - especially if a load of these applications were written NOT USING windows API's. A lot were written with direct memory accesses etc to speed up performance on the old OS's. W10 is more secure making that type of "Clever" programming not so good any more - even if it still works.

    Ms IMO has done a pretty reasonable job on essentially the first iteration of W10 -- especially as it has finally decided that there is still a huge market for "conventional computers" - not everybody is using mobile phones all the time and they certainly don't need a desktop computer run a Mobile phone OS. Love to see a trading (stock) system with 6 large screens operating Level 2 live data streams running on a Mobile phone !!!!

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