New Chromium based Microsoft Edge now generally available  

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    Will Edge ever update automatically to Edgium or must it be downloaded manually
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    Windows 10

    [You shouldn't expect Microsoft to do anything about it, protecting yourself from content that runs in webpages you visit has to come from you.]
    @bo elam

    If Noscript is effective, I would rather Microsoft have that option available in their browser to turn on/off just as the pop-up blocker and Smart Screen. These do block a number of sites and scripts, just not 100%

    Most older people are not going to go out of their way to install some addon.
    A new browser should be more secure than the previous one with added internal security built-in.
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  3. NMI
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    bfunke said:
    Will Edge ever update automatically to Edgium or must it be downloaded manually
    Yes. Earlier download is optional:

    NMI said:
    Automatic rollout and update roadmap for consumers

    If you’d prefer not to install Microsoft Edge manually, you can wait for it to be installed in a future update to Windows 10, following our measured roll-out approach over the next several months. We will start to migrate Windows 10 customers to the new Microsoft Edge in the coming weeks, starting with a subset of Windows Insiders in the Release Preview ring. ...

    The new Microsoft Edge will gradually be made available on Windows Update and offered to additional devices as data and feedback indicate that users are having a good experience.

    Upgrading to the new Microsoft Edge [JANUARY 15, 2020 9:00 AM]
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    jacatdilly said:
    If Noscript is effective, I would rather Microsoft have that option available in their browser to turn on/off just as the pop-up blocker and Smart Screen. These do block a number of sites and scripts, just not 100%
    New Edge comes with something sort of like a script blocker, you can find it in Settings, its got an off and on switch. I haven't tested how it works but I will sometime. Looks simple. Perhaps it works like this: you could set it to Off, and white list domains. The black list likely works the opposite, if you set JS to on, all scripts would be allowed to run except the ones in your black list. The best way to use what Edge has would be to set the switch to Off, and build your white list. That way nothing runs, except what you allow. You can start building a white list by setting up your bookmarks and favorites, in this type of sites you allow whats required to run for the content you want out of this sites. Building a black list is also important because, if you disable the blocker, in this case it would be setting the switch to on, black listed domains cant run.

    This JS setting in Edge would be more usable if it could be used out of the browser interface. That way you could white list and black list domains from the interface. Forcing the user to go to Settings to interact with the script blocker makes it kind of difficult to use and inconvenient.

    New Chromium based Microsoft Edge now generally available-sin-titulo.jpg

    jacatdilly said:
    Most older people are not going to go out of their way to install some addon.
    A new browser should be more secure than the previous one with added internal security built-in.
    I am not that young my friend, I am in my sixties. In my personal opinion, script and content blocking is more important for your security than anything Microsoft, Mozilla or Google is doing to make their browsers more secure. Is just my opinion, and is based on my personal experience using the web. I said this many times before, "NoScript turns the sharks of the internet into sardines" It does.

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    @bo elam

    Yes, there are a fair amount of talented people on this great site.
    Some I'm finding out are in their 80s and 90s.
    For myself, I'll just add the shark site to the hosts file to block it from biting again.

    As for the new script function you mentioned,
    I'll wait until the new Edge is more polished before trying again.
    If the script function is easy to use for the general public, all the better.
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    DooGie said:
    Same here, Money 2005 is a good app and I appreciate being able to import statements directly into it from my Bank.
    I tested MS Money in a XP Hyper V VM should IE ever be withdrawn - but I didn't check statement downloads.
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    Windows 10 Pro INSIDER

    Favorites or Bookmarks HAPPIER in new Edge Chrome...I think..

    Well like most of us we have this LOVE and or HATE relationship with MS new Edge Chrome, and like many were in the initial testing of...I was a Tweety Bird, sorry make that Canary.

    Anyway, ONE of the main issues I had or have was with Favorites or Bookmarks and how they DO NOT maintain a correct file version across multiple Desktops/Laptops/etc wit the EXACT SAME M$ user account for the SYNCING OF ALL Favs across ALL devices.
    (See my previous posts a few Page Threads back from this post).

    Personally to me this is one if not THE most important part of ANY Browser, IF Bookmarks can not be RELIABLE across ALL of ones DEVICES or Machines then FORGET ABOUT IT, I am not and Never will be interested.

    M$ has/have been given AMPLE TIME to sort this out. whinge is now over.

    It appears to me that this IS A FIX (still with a few minor issues to keep and eye on).


    OK...obviously EXPORT your File of the Bookmarks/Favs you want to SYNC across ALL PC's with Windows MS Edge 79.0.309.71 which as of now is the latest version of.

    Then DELETE ALL Favorites, yes ONE by One or Folder by Folder from ONE of your PC's (I am assuming you are using the EXACT SAME email account for syncing on ALL devices), AND DEVICE MUST BE ON-LINE I know it is a pain, but this must be done as this WILL register with M$ Cloud where your Favs are stored.


    ONCE you have delete ALL Favs , I like to use the PC for say 20 mins, run the Windows Update WU in Settings, Settle PC, then UNINSTALL 'Edge Browser' in 'Programs and Features' IN your Control Panel.
    Then do a CCleaner Registry Clean and then REBOOT PC...Once settled Go to ALL directories (folders) in This PC, then NEW Volume (C hard Drive) and
    C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\EdgeUpdate\Log ......and Delete.
    C:\Users\*******\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge\User Data.....and right Click DELETE.
    C:\Users\*******\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Edge\User Data.....and Delete if there.
    The Run the CCleaner again and Reg Files to Delete and reboot PC.

    MUST do this on ALL PC's you want to Re-Install new EDGE (Final) onto.

    For this Exercise you need to Run and USE these PC's for a few days WITHOUT ANY new MS Edge Chrome Installed.
    The Exception IS the ONE FEEDER PC (what I call or original account or original SYNC PC which is ALWAYS in Normal USE).

    So on this CLEAN PC you wish to use as a FEEDER for your Favs/Bookmarks, make sure it is cleaned FIRST and then Download and Install the NEW Edge Chrome x64 STANDALONE File I have and used and is perfect file...

    This is for x64 and or x86 machines and is the current stand alone version 80.0.361.48.!9sNTEITR!tBsdXRpQSUnQfdFrfKGYng
    Once you have downloaded to Desktop (72 MB File). then RUN like you normally would do, after it is settled, you should see ZERO Favorites and it is asking you to import (IGNORE THIS JUST FOR NOW).
    There should be a pop up saying IMPORT Browser DATA..
    NOW you can IF you wish IMPORT this DATA from your Google Chrome or other Device or from the SAVED File you have.
    IF your Google Browser IS the Very Latest Bookmarks then use that one, you can tick ALL of the 'what to import' IF you wish.
    Or change the drop down from Google to a HTML File of Bookmarks/Favs you previously saved as a small file.

    Now once you have Imported Favs/Bookmarks allow time for this to happen and then click on SYNC in Manage Profile Settings, Browser should ask you, then LOG Into your MS Account you will ALWAYS use.
    MUST LEAVE this NEW Browser Open (on) you will see if you CLICK on your User Icon (top right corner) that Sync Is Setting Up, YOU MUST wait and leave this as SYNC Setting UP can take about 30-40 Minutes (obviously Depends on your LAN, Speed, and how many URLS in your Bookmarks/Favs...
    YES you can continue to USE your New Browser BUT DO NOT EXIT or Close it from and UNTIL you see and Green Tick and Saying
    SYNC is on when you click on the user Icon.

    DO NOT start up ANY other PC or Install ANY Edge Chrome Browser yet.

    With your new single FEEDER set up PC, use it for a few days, shut it Down and Log off over a few days, obviously to use Edge Browser.
    YOU should see at PC Start up the Icon (top Right Corner) is saying, SYNC Setting Up, this will go away AFTER PC has Settled to Sync is on...
    as I said do this, use PC shut down and boot up for a few days.

    Now to Other PC's AFTER the use of the FEEDER for a few days.*

    FIRST make sure that this FEEDER PC is ON and settled and that the NEW Edge BROWSER is Open and that Sync is On (top right corner)....Very important.!!!

    Start up other (one at a time only) PC, and Install the New Edge Chrome x64 bit File Browser, now what next.
    DO NOT IMPORT any Favs or Bookmarks from ANYWHERE you MUST IGNORE any actions, ALL YOU do is Log Into the MS Account you wish to use for ALL PC's, YES the account in use on your updated FEEDER PC.

    Now back to the NEW PC you have Introduced, Just SIGN into the MS Account as the FEEDER uses.... and ...WAIT, and WAIT, Must YES if browser asks you to sign into MS account or SYC this action.

    Now IF by chance you 'may' see some strange Bookmarks/Favs that have shown and appear out of any order or sequence....unfortunately these are remnants that MS Cloud did not Delete when you initially Deleted them from 'any' PC you CLEANED Favs up on.
    I suggest you quickly DELETE each and every Bookmark as they come up, should not be should then see a Blank Screen and still saying on top right 'Sync setting up', that is all good.

    After about 20 mins you should all of a sudden see all of the correct Favs in the EXACT same order as your original, just like on your Google Browser.

    DO Not be in ANY hurry to introduce ANY new or other PCs onto that account, once settled you should see that ANY Bookmarks that are Edited will instantly change to same on new PC's Favs/Bookmarks, and visa versa.

    Note: There is still an issue with the single Deletion on some Favs and or introduction of new Favs....but not too bad, just keep an eye on what you modify or add EACH TIME.

    Now once you are happy you can introduce another new PC to your FEEDER one, by again logging onto Sync Account and WAITING....DO ONE AT A TIME ONLY.

    * Reason I say use Feeder PC and DO NOT Install new Edge Chrome on any other PC's for a few days is because MS appears to take a few days until it registers your Changes you have done, IF you do NOT Follow my instructions YOU WILL get multiple layers of the exact same Favs or Bookmarks, plus I have tested 'my method' on 6 PC's with new Edge Chrome and ALL have Synced across Perfectly from ORIGINAL FEEDER PC

    Good Luck..

    BTW: Syncing of Favorites or Bookmarks BETWEEN Chrome Browsers (Google and Edge) is not yet possible...
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    Minimising web pages disappear

    When i minimise a web page and open another web page and try to open the first one it is not there on explorer 11 i could open four or five and minimise them and they would still be there is there some setting i have to open
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    new edge update out

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