Best Way to Make Windows 9 a Hit: Relaunch Windows XP with Modern Features

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    Posted: 15 Jan 2014

    Microsoft is expected to announce plans for a new operating system, most likely called Windows 9, at the BUILD developer conference in April, while the launch of the new project is very likely to take place approximately one year later.

    This leaked product roadmap doesn’t reveal too many details in terms of features, but we do know that Windows 9 could bring back the famous Start Menu, while also comprising options to launch Metro apps straight on the desktop and use them in their very own window.

    Sure, there are a lot of new features and options that could be implemented in Windows 9, but we’ve recently heard about a scenario which, at some level, actually makes sense.
    More of the dream here.
    labeeman's Avatar Posted By: labeeman
    15 Jan 2014

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    Hi labeeman, I don't know you, I don't think, but you seem to have your finger on MS's pulse.
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    Hi Britton 30 no I do not think we know each other. I do not have my finger on M$ pulse.
    I came over from Eight forums to post some stuff on Windows 9
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    I don't know....... xp even "modernized" is still not on a par with 7 imho. I truly wish they would bring back Aero more than anything. I know I know, that seems petty but I spent a lot of money on my machine for the power. I have more than enough to run the Aero theme(s) and frankly I like it. I think a better solution would be two OS's,essentially the same but one for desktops/more powerful laptops and one for the mobile devices.
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    indianacarnie, post: 11180, member: 203 said:
    I don't know....... xp even "modernized" is still not on a par with 7 imho.
    This. I too am a huge fan of 7. I would like to see more customisation options (as with, say, Android) without longer-winded processes to do so. Imagine Windows 7 with a huge library of widgets. Or a built-in Rainmeter. Or multiple docks/taskbars. Just scratching the surface here but you get where I am going...
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    Personally, I would be very happy with an updated version of XP, which still remains my favorite Windows OS of all time.
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  6. Lee
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    Please XP is gone leave it that way. See no reason whatsoever to go backwards. . .
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    Lee, post: 11407, member: 135 said:
    Please XP is gone leave it that way. See no reason whatsoever to go backwards. . .
    You may not wish to see XP updated, but I would. What would be nice is if we both could have the OS of our choice, rather than having to make do with "one size fits all".
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    bigseb, post: 11249, member: 98 said:
    Imagine Windows 7 with a huge library of widgets.
    Or simple to program glass where you set the glass opacity "frost" and other characteristics as easily as setting the background color. Buttons, Listboxes, or widgets if you want to call them that, just work when dropped on. C# got as far as having buttons that would work on glass with no Owner Draw crap. The entire IDE should be full of controls that work just like the buttons.

    So I guess I'm just agreeing but with my own emphasis. :)
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    I have no idea who the author is, or of his MS "source", but to bring back XP, with more modern items, is an idea which both should realise is absurd.
    Update it - yes, if established users are happy to run the same old compatible programs.
    To achieve anything beyond this, would mean a fairly extensive rewrite of the kernel. This has already been done - it's called Windows 7 (previously the disliked Vista). It was a pity, whilst MS were rewriting, that they chose to move quite a bit of the navigation around, otherwise it was, and is, a perfect replacement for XP.
    With anything, be it a new TV or new software, it is often necessary to move on, which can require a little relearning - ask my wife, who refuse to drive our latest car on the grounds everything is "different".
    Unfortunately, we who habit forums such as this one, do have varying degrees of knowledge, which eases the transition. We are a very small minority! The majority of users are not always ready to just jump into something which, for them, may be an alarming new experience.
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