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actually Project is a really good piece of software -- I've been using it since Office 2007 edition -- amazing though how little it's actually used -- I've seen people in large organisations try and muck around for hours trying to replicate GANTT and CPA (critical path analyses) plus project milestones using EXCEL -- taken them hours / days whereas it can be done in minutes / hours using project.

These consultants are usually expensive too so when companies baulk at buying a piece of software for around 200 USD and then start paying people 1200 USD a day or more and have them use software not really suitable for the job you just have to wonder what "accountancy school" did these people (the internal bean counters) come from !!!

Ms really should have included project in the business office suite rather than rubbish like publisher and that horror of horrors -- access.

If you have any sort of complex planning and resource allocations to do Project is a brilliant piece of software -- Ms dropped the ball on marketing this until now. Nothing wrong with EXCEL BTW but it's not the right job for the tool in these situations -- if you are in business / consultancy and need to do serious planning Ms Project IMO is woth evey penny, cent, rouble, zloty, eurocent etc.

Note though -- additional languages don't work unlike the rest of the office suite so it installs in its original language and that's it --however not a showstopper.

The new Microsoft Project rolls out to customers worldwide-proj1.png

The new Microsoft Project rolls out to customers worldwide-proj2.png