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    Update: the original article (which was the source of this post) was removed yesterday, it seems that someone from Microsoft contacted the author of the article and that's why it was removed, I say this because the new article looks like an official statement from Microsoft, this is what the new article says:

    Clarifications on incorrect leaked news about the use of tools belonging to the domain.

    CCleaner is not in any Microsoft Blacklist and there are no Blacklists regarding other domains in the official Microsoft forums.

    Publication errors have led to the dissemination of misinterpreted announcements that do not correspond to the reality of the facts.

    In the Microsoft Community, starting with Windows 8 and continuing with all versions of Windows 10, we tend to advise against the use of third-party tools for optimizing and maintaining the operating system , as users may not be able to manage, after a few indications that occur at a distance, the different settings present in the Settings of the instruments themselves; indications that may not be received correctly by the reader of the writings in the forum , with the possibility of setting and using incorrectly the different options of the different tools and the risk, therefore, of obtaining results that are different from those desired.

    In the official Microsoft forums it is not possible to establish with certainty the real preparation and the actual capabilities of the users who ask for support, so we tend, from always, to recommend only actions attributable to the original Settings of the Operating System and to the official Microsoft writings.

    No confidential treatment of the tools in the domain by Microsoft and official forum workers, but the considerations made apply to the Microsoft Community for all registry cleaners and all non-Microsoft tools for optimizing the operating system.

    CCleaner continues to be downloaded and used in Windows like any other third-party tool that can be installed in Microsoft software , with indications for optimal and aware use that can be recovered in the respective official sites and specific support forums.

    Translated with Google translate.

    Read more:
    About CCleaner in Microsoft forums

    Original post: is on Microsoft Blacklist.

    Microsoft blacklists the site, automatically or manually blacked out if mentioned in official forums.

    The well-known site for downloading and executing tools for cleaning and optimizing Operating Systems will no longer appear in the pages of the Redmond company.

    With an exclusive and confidential press release sent to all of us Microsoft Official Forum Moderators , the company lists 11 domains blacklisted in the various sections of the Community, including

    The well-known Software house boasts millions of downloads worldwide of Free and Pro tools for alleged performance maintenance of different versions of Windows, but also millions of requests for assistance in the Microsoft forums themselves due to malfunctions due to unconventional or non-aware uses. It will no longer be possible from today onwards to recommend CCleaner on Microsoft pages by normal users. In exceptional cases, Moderators or Agents will still be able to insert pages belonging to the domain in blacklist.

    User interventions involving the insertion of links with the domain will be obscured, removed and moderated by the Microsoft Community automatic and manual systems (Moderator actions).

    In addition to the aforementioned, another 10 domains appear in the new Microsoft Blacklist, which we deliberately do not mention and we have obscured (previous image) here, belonging to download and/or 'information' sites on the products of the Redmond company.

    Translated with Google translate.

    The original article (in Italian) has been removed, I don't know why, but other articles have already been published on different pages.

    Read more: in Microsoft Blacklist

    I have always thought that such tools are not necessary in Windows 10 and I am also one of those who believes that they cause more problems than they solve, whenever I can, I recommend people stop using this tool.

    Yes, I know that some will say that using it well and "knowing how to use it", this tool is useful, sorry but no, neither this tool nor similar ones should be used in Windows 10. As always, this is simply my humble opinion.

    LEOPEVA64's Avatar Posted By: LEOPEVA64
    24 Sep 2019

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    Bout time. I have also refraind from using and installing when Avast bought them.
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    Any tool can be used properly or improperly. Badly used Ccleaner costs hours of unnecessary support. Not to say that 1st tier MS support leaves much to be desired (but that's another subject).

    You don't need CCleaner do delete important system files. I have a few customers that are quite good at it. They claim that they want to save space when they actually have 2% of a 1TB drive used.

    I have used CCleaner for many many years with no issues (when used properly). Not happy either with the Avast purchase but what can you do.

    I thought the same thing about Drive Image and PGP when Symantec got their hands in it. It's called capitalism.
    Last edited by Brink; 24 Sep 2019 at 16:33. Reason: removed comments that breach forum rules
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    Well ever since Avast took over, it went down the hill, but still I doubt CCleaner is the issue here, more like CCleaner advertising and literally pushing other products, like installing AVG/Avast without user's consent. Still considering, that Microsoft's own cleanup and storage sense suck big time, this is a sad news. CCleaner solves and prevents more issues, that it supposedly causes, it is more the lack of quality in MS support. Sadly I have seen this on other forums, someone mentions a problem, that could not be possibly caused by CCleaner, more like by glorified windows updates and such and as soon he mentions CCleaner, people, who are unable to give any advice aside from reinstall, are like, it is your fault, so immature.
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    I use The Pro Version without any problems. I do not believe a Company such as Microsoft should Blacklist any Legitimate website. is NOT a legit site.
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    Josey Wales said:
    I use The Pro Version without any problems. I do not believe a Company such as Microsoft should Blacklist any Legitimate website. is NOT a legit site.
    Where did you get that from Josey Clean & speed up your slow PC | CCleaner Official Website
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    DooGie said:
    © Copyright 2005-2019 Piriform Ltd - All rights reserved - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy - Cookies Policy
    CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva and Speccy are all registered trademarks of Piriform Ltd.

    The last time I was on it the name was So then that makes it worse then that MS would Blacklist a Legit Site? What would MS do if blacklisted
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    CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva and Speccy are all registered trademarks of Piriform Ltd.
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    Answers community well there's a hoot of a place that needs blacklisting the sheer number of cookies it installs will choke a whale

    Like to know the other 9 black listed products they seem well worth using now
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