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    Last I noticed going to answers forum ublock showed about 300 blocked scripts/ websites
    I felt dirty going there

    Does give a nice look at what win-10 is like though.
    Need ublock for os
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    Though I never had any problems with CCleaner, I haven't used it since I discovered HiBit Uninstaller (with many utilities) about a year ago.
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    Personally, I haven't had any issue that can be considered major or annoying in my W10 since I purchased it two and a half years ago. The W10 issues realed to Windows updates that people have been talking about this past month, they are foreign to me. And I use CCleaner. I am not a fan of Avast and certainly I cant stand what they done with their products this past few years, including CCleaner. Bloatware annoys me. So, I use an old version of CCleaner without bloat. The one I am using in W10 was installed in February of 2018. I wont change it as long as it works well. Sure, I could have switched to something else, but why do it, CCleaners registry cleaner has work for me, never caused an issue and I definitively dont like the idea of using anything more aggressive. CCleaner is supposed to be mild, and it is mild.

    Believe me when I tell you, using the registry cleaner has helped me in the past. I don't use the registry cleaner to gain speed, performance or anything like that. I use it to clean left over registry keys that sometimes might cause programs to not work properly when you reinstall a program after uninstalling an old version of the same program. Since XP days, CCleaner has helped me this way three times. I am going to tell about an experience I had recently, a few days ago. For Office, I use Libre Office portable. I was using a version about a year old. The folder of this portable version was named LibreOfficePortablePrevious. I ran the installer of the new version over the top of the old version but since the new versions folder (LibreOfficePortable) is named differently than the old one, the new installation installed inside the folder of the old version. So, I ended up, not with an updated version of Libre but with 2 version of Libre installed at the same time all in one folder.

    Immediately after installing the new version of Libre, I realized this had happened and deleted the folder where both installations were installed, to start over and do things properly. So, I installed Libre now as a clean install, after doing it, I tried to set MS Office files (DOC, DOCX, XLSX, etc) to open up automatically with Libre programs, like I always done in the past. But couldn't do it. Something was not working properly. I tried a few times, even rebooted the computer to see what happens. But nothing. And all of the sudden, a little light bulb lite up on top of my head, that said, Run CCleaner. Before doing it, I knew that running CCleaner was going to fix this problem and it did.

    So, I ran the registry cleaner, it found a bunch of registry keys, all very clearly pointing to Libre, after deleting them, I was able to set MS Office files to open up automatically with Libre.The issue was fixed. Bottom line, IMO, CCleaner is not a toy and should not be treated like one but it can be helpful as it has for me. Is not snake oil as some would like us to believe.

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    ThrashZone said:
    Maybe just maybe if windows didn't act like the junkyard dog of foraging data people wouldn't want to remove the stuff
    I agree
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    I use CCleaner regularly, even the registry cleaner part. I have never, ever had it cause a problem in many years of use. Everything it does is backed up unless you are to stupid to let it do so. I have never had to restore a backup but it's nice to know it's there if I ever need it.

    I keep hearing about how horrible it is and all the damage it does but I never see any proof. I have never seen a thread here on TF where CCleaner was the root cause of the problem.

    I think you have a better chance of causing harm to your system by following some of the rote advice given in the MS forums than you'll ever get by running CCleaner.

    This is all my personal opinion created from what I've seen and experienced over many years.

    Edit: I forgot the part where I say I do realize CCleaner registry cleaner and other programs if it's ilk really don't do anything for you other than (in my case at least) make me feel good. There is no measurable benifit to running it, it doesn't fix or repair anything, I just feel better after running it.
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    There is at least ONE instance where you HAVE TO use a reg cleaner:
    If you switch between HDA and UAD Realtek audio drivers.(HDA->UAD or UAD->HDA)
    Just deleting the Realtek audio registry entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Realtek\Audio won't cut the mustard to do an audio clean install when switching driver types.

    It wouldn't surprise me if the same goes for graphics' drivers too(DCH to system32)
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    Thread Starter
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    LEOPEVA64 said:
    Probably doesn't matter moderators come and go some just drive by and do the banning.... on the fly.

    I got temp banned just by posting or referring to microsoft as M$ lol

    Think Barman corrected a few of my posts in the past too not too sure what the problem is ms is a company intending to make money one way or another
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    What does the C in CCleaner mean anyway? I always read it as a stutter. I used it back when all my teenage friends used it (not sure why tbh). Ever since Windows 8 -- especially now on 10 -- I try to avoid most 3rd party apps like this because I love being clean from top to bottom.
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