Mooly said:
You're not the only one, I'm totally confused as well. So 'Not configured is the default'. Are we saying then that if we select 'enable' we are really enabling the disable feature and that if we 'disable' then we are enabling system restore. LOL, now that is confusing to me butI think that is what you are saying. I guess once you've read it all back to yourself a million times then it kind of makes some kind of reverse logic sense. Why can't they just put 'Enable System Restore' and 'Disable System Restore' nutz Attachment 247467
It's much easier to just type in System Restore after clicking on Start, then click on create restore point to bring up sys properties, then click configure in the middle of the window. There you will see very clearly, the choices: Turn on System protection or Disable System protection. No need to make it so crazy... Cheers!