This week on Microsoft Unboxed, Sonia and Colleen are diving into underwater technology. To kick things off, Colleen shares about the “Internet of Oysters.” She tells the story of a woman named Ros Harvey and how her company, The Yield, introduced real-time sensors to analyze the water that the oysters drink in Tasmania, where farmers harvest about 36 million oysters a year.

Colleen also shares how Ros Harvey is applying the use case to solve the broader issue of feeding the world, as the world must produce 70% more food by 2050. Then, Sonia tells a story of how Northern Territory Fisheries wanted to count the fish in Australia’s Darwin Harbour, but faced the challenges of heavy tides, swells, murky water and dangerous creatures. They found a solution with AI and image training – and they’re continuing to expand their efforts. This image training technology is now available on GitHub for other companies to use.

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