It’s been an exciting 2019! We celebrated Mixer’s two-year anniversary. We got to meet many of you in person under the Mixer Dome at E3. And together, we brought to life the first set of experiences imagined at the start of Mixer Season 2. This has resulted in amazing growth in viewership on the platform. Since Mixer’s launch in May 2017, the total number of hours that viewers have spent watching content each month has grown nearly 17x – that’s based on an average growth rate of more than 12% each month for the past 25 months. Of course… we’re not done yet.

Throughout this time, there are two things that have been consistently at the core of what Mixer is all about: Mixer’s community and its streamers. The Mixer community is positive, welcoming and supportive, and you have consistently given us insightful feedback, ideas and support. Likewise, Mixer streamers are the reason we’re all here – every day, they work hard and bring their very best selves to entertain us, to teach us and to build connections with us all across Mixer.

Today, we want to share with you our commitment and plans to continue prioritizing Mixer’s community and streamers. As part of this, we are announcing 7 new programs and tools aimed at maintaining a strong Mixer community and 4 new initiatives focused on supporting streamer success on Mixer....

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