This week on Microsoft Unboxed, we’re throwing it back to Microsoft Build to highlight the eight startups who participated in Startup Alley. Colleen begins on the ground at Microsoft Build to chat with a few of the startups, while Sonia has other plans with puppies. Then, Colleen and Sonia head back to the studio to announce the winner of the Attendee Choice Award, with the prize of a co-sell package worth up to $1M. Sonia and Colleen also discuss how Microsoft supports startups with two programs: Microsoft for Startups and M12. Microsoft for Startups was designed to provide startups with what’s most important when scaling a business. This includes technical resources, free cloud services and Microsoft co-sell opportunities. M12 is Microsoft’s venture fund, which empowers B2B entrepreneurs through investments, insights and unparalleled access to Microsoft.

Learn more about M12: M12 | Microsoft's Venture Fund

Learn more about Microsoft for Startups:

Featured Startups:
- Aqua Security: Aqua - Container Security, Serverless Security & Cloud Native Security
- Secure & Scalable Log Management with Cloud-Based ELK
- Codefresh: Codefresh is the first CI/CD platform built for Kubernetes and Docker.
- RapidAPI: API Marketplace - Free Public & Open Rest APIs | RapidAPI
- WhiteSource: Open Source Security and License Management | WhiteSource
- Crate: CrateDB: Simply Scalable SQL Database for IoT & Industrial Time Series
- Kyligence: Kyligence - The Big Data OLAP Platform for Faster Insights
- DefinedCrowd: Home - Defined Crowd

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