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My name is Jessica and I am a Program Manager on the Office Graphics team.

When I’m working in Office, sometimes it’s hard to express work-in-progress diagrams and models without throwing up a big watermark that says “DRAFT” on your content.

So we built in a new style that helps convey that sense of in-progress work that should be taken as a sketch of what you’re proposing.

And because it’s an Office style on top of Office shapes, it’s easy to quickly go from a draft to professional look in seconds! You can iterate with a colleague and make changes back and forth while with a sketchy style. And when you’re done, you can just remove that sketchy style and show it as a final design, ready to be shared.

Introducing: Sketchy Shapes! It’s an outline style that lets you play around with your shapes to give them a bit more personality.

Creating a Draft: Apply a Sketchy Outline

Build your slide and select the shapes you want to apply a sketchy style to. Go to the Shape Format tab and then the Shape Outline dropdown. Hover over the Sketchy” options and select one of the sketchy line styles.

Going Back to Professional: Remove the Sketchy Outline

Select the shapes you want. Go to the Shape Format tab and then the Shape Outline dropdown. Hover over the Sketchy options and select None.

Now you have your clean looking professional version, ready to go.

Tips and Tricks

Set a Sketchy default

If you’re working on a bunch of sketches, rather than applying a sketchy style to each shape as you go, you can set the sketchy shape styles as your default shape.

This will make it so that every new shape you create has the same sketchy style applied.

Sketchy Icons

Want some sketched out icons?

Insert an icon, select it, then use Office’s Convert to Shape feature to turn your icons into Office shapes. Then you can apply any sketchy style you want.

Sketchy Lines

Want some scribbles?

Use a free form shape to draw a line, then apply a sketchy style to it.

How to Get It

Sketchy shapes is available in Insiders on Windows Desktop starting with 1907 (Build 11901.20018) and on Mac Insider Fast starting with 16.28 (19070300). Sketchy Shapes is available in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and requires an Office 365 subscription.


We are actively working on this feature in Office, and your feedback is key to guiding improvements. Let us know what you think and submit your feedback using the Send-a-Smile and Send-a-Frown buttons (in the top right)! My team reads all feedback that filters our way, and we greatly appreciate your input!

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