Will this be Windows 9?

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    Well stated WindowStar!
    Being in the Senior group I don't want to go through a huge learning curve by switching over to Windows 8. Not that I can't but both my desktop and laptop loaded with 7 Home Premium which have run really smooth as I keep everything lean and mean.
    "If it ain't broke, no need to fix it"

    quote="WindowsStar, post: 7703, member: 137"]I for one do not think that Microsoft cares about business at all. As a contractor that works with so many different companies and governments I just do not see how Microsoft is doing much for businesses. #1) Admin tools or conveniences are non-existent for Windows. (i.e. To be able to use RDP for more than one session on a workstation without kicking the user off for repairs, no easy way to include encrypted passwords in scripts or prompt for secure passwords, no easy way to elevate privileges for patches or installs, etc.) #2) No good way from Microsoft to clone machines. (SysPrep is a joke it resets many of the settings that corporate companies need and doing it the non-Microsoft way causes all kinds of other issues that you have to be aware of and fix before deploying an cloned machine. Using RIS is so slow you are better off hand loading a machine. Plus setting up RIS is so time consuming it is not worth it) #3) Pricing for Businesses and Government is outrageous. Take a small deployment of 1000 machines you buy the OS and Office as everyone does and you are looking at a $250,000 investment, but it does not stop there, most of the time you buy software assurance but that only gives you a few years and then you have to buy all over again. Opps forgot about Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, etc. etc. etc. From a cost point I don't see any company that I have upgraded from XP to 7 doing any upgrades or even thinking of it until Windows 9 or 10, it is just to costly. Plus there is all the 3rd party software that has to be tested and re-installed or forced on another OS because it does not work correctly. Vendors are still programming for Windows 95 and just will not get out of that world. (!!Wake up programmers we have had NT code and Windows Domains for 15 years now!!) For the past 4 years I have been working on getting companies off XP and on Windows 7 and it was not easy.

    So to the question at hand. We have tested Windows 8 or 8.1 in many conditions, areas, business, sections and in the enterprise it just does not fit or play nice. In my opinion from all the feedback I received Windows 8.x is not ready for business, businesses still need a full desktop without the tiles and most don't have touch screens. Great for this 20 something generation coming up, on laptops, notebooks, tablets, and phones and for home use or small businesses, but that is about it. -WS[/quote]
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    nommy the first, post: 259, member: 15 said:
    Throw in a start button, an optional Metro UI and stop calling programs apps and I'm in


    Totally agree! Maybe M$ wants their products to sound more like APPle.
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    Windows 9 must allow the user to decide to have the conventional Start Button and the ability to quickly Sendto: Desktop Create Shortcut. All this touchy-feely crap from Windows 8 is just too ethereal. A desktop on a computer screen needs to emulate "real life objects".

    Away with the Charms Bar or anything overlaying the desktop. Icons put on the desktop by the user as we've done since Windows 95 is the smartest way to use a personal computer.

    The only that should appear on the desktop after starting Windows 9 for the first time is the Recycle Bin. From there we right click the screen, choose Personalize and add the Computer and User folder etc. All other icons are on our screens because "we" put them there, not because someone in Redmond thinks it should be there. Really peeeeez me off!
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    Windows 10


    I prefer a completely clean desktop. To start programs I use 1) the start menu or 2) a combination of start menu and icons placed in the task bar. MS nailed it with Windows 7.
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    bigseb, post: 8168, member: 98 said:

    I prefer a completely clean desktop. To start programs I use 1) the start menu or 2) a combination of start menu and icons placed in the task bar. MS nailed it with Windows 7.

    I agree. There will never be a more useable and smart operating system like Windows 7. It was and is the best product from Microsoft.

    They really need to hear the world's desire for a new release of Windows 7 (call it 9 or whatever) for all of us who use a keyboard and mouse - and like to get things done quickly, period.
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    Windows 10 (19045.3154)

    Exciting times ahead, looking forward to try the CP and the likes :woot:
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    I'm not a Microsoft fan, but I am a user of its OSes at least. And I can't help but wonder why MS seems hell-bent on trying to enforce a monolithic structure of an OS upon its entire user base. Would it really be that big of a chore for the company to support more than one computer-based OS? Have one for the more traditional, vertical tiered sort of environments, and another more open, share-friendly OS for the social-networking types. Design them so they can interface smoothly with each other, as needs be.
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