Intel ID: INTEL-SA-00239
Advisory Category: Firmware
Impact of vulnerability: Escalation of Privilege, Denial of Service, Information Disclosure
Severity rating: HIGH
Original release: 04/09/2019
Last revised: 04/09/2019


A potential security vulnerability in system firmware for Intel NUC may allow escalation of privilege, denial of service, and/or information disclosure.Intel is releasing firmware updates to mitigate this potential vulnerability.

Vulnerability Details:

CVEID: CVE-2019-0163
Description: Insufficient input validation in system firmware for Intel(R) Broadwell U i5 vPro before version MYBDWi5v.86A may allow an authenticated user to potentially enable escalation of privilege, denial of service, and/or information disclosure via local access.
CVSS Base Score: 7.5 High

Affected Products:

Intel® Broadwell U i5 vPro before version MYBDWi5v.86A.


Intel recommends that users of Intel® Broadwell U i5 vPro update to firmware version MYBDWi5v.86A or later.

Updates are available for download at this location: MYBDWi5v.86A


This issue was found internally by Intel.

Intel, and nearly the entire technology industry, follows a disclosure practice called Coordinated Disclosure, under which a cybersecurity vulnerability is generally publicly disclosed only after mitigations are available.

Revision History

Revision Date Description
1.0 04/09/2019 Initial Release

Source: INTEL-SA-00239