Skype Insider Preview // Introducing Calling for up to 50 people at once!

Available on all platforms

We are excited to announce two big changes to group calling in Skype. Before now, Skype only supported calls in groups up to 25 participants - but today we are supporting calls in groups of up to 50! When you start a call in these large groups, it will send a notification instead of ringing all the members, to not interrupt those who can't join. With this update you will also see that the audio and video buttons are now enabled in these larger groups.

We're also adding the notification feature to all group video calls, by making ringing completely optional. When you start a video call in these smaller groups, we will send a notification to your group (just like in the large calls) but if you still want to ring, you will be given the option once the call has begun.

Try out this feature with your group calls and send us your feedback!

The Skype Team

Source: Skype Insider Preview Introducing Calling for up to 50 - Microsoft Community

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