What's new

N/A There are no new features to highlight this week.

Notable fixes

In the table below, you'll find key fixes in the latest Insider build.

  • We fixed a delay in showing the envelope or dialogs where Publisher was not installed
  • We fixed an initialization issue with the Power Query
  • We fixed an issue that would cause Excel to crash when updating the source range for a PivotTable.
  • Various performance and stability fixes
  • Various performance and stability fixes
  • Various performance and stability fixes
  • We fixed the Progress indicator on the Project status Bar
  • We fixed an issue where if you are using Project files from Modern SharePoint document libraries, the Check-Out Required and Read-Only actions aren't being correctly followed.
  • We fixed an issue with missing Tasks in Team Planner view while using grouping

Source: O365 for Windows Insider Fast Release Notes - November 16th - Microsoft Community