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    Windows 10 IoT

    Ground Sloth said:
    Microsoft doesn't need to do anything other than offer a long-term support version of Windows 10 Home/Pro. Ubuntu also gets "feature updates" twice a year, but every other year Canonical releases a LTS version of Ubuntu with 5 years of support.
    LTSB is available for Enterprise customers. I don't see that ever happening for the Consumer side though.
    I could run it if I wanted to, not sure I want to though. Not yet anyway.
    LTSB is missing some stuff that I might actually want to use.
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    alphanumeric said:
    LTSB is available for Enterprise customers
    LTSC now. They changed the name a couple of years ago (2015 or 2016, I forget)

    Apparently 'Channel' is better than 'Branch'.
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    Windows 10 IoT

    Now that you mention it my ISO's are labled enterprise_ltsc_1809. My Visual Studio still lists it as "Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB" though. No results found for a search for LTSC. Enterprise 2019 ​LTSB was pulled when 1809 was pulled and I don't remember if it was listed as LTSB or LTSC? Once a new Enterprise 2019 LTSC shows up I think I'll give it a test run to see what's there and what's not, and if its usable for what I do. I have a legal MAK for it.
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    Enterprise isnt the same as LTSC.

    Surely a MVP would know that.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bits

    bobfrost said:
    From what I have read, the only people affected by this bug are those who are daft enough to store data on their C: drive without regular backups.

    No software is or will ever be bug-free; it is written by humans who are full of bugs!

    Bob Frost
    That's one way looking at it, the end user is at fault for loosing his/her data. I tend to disagree with that...

    The most important aspect of any type of system is data. No programmer would write code to delete data without a. warning the end user or b., making a backup of the data. How did this shady programming pass code review? And even if this passed the code review, how did it pass Q/A or Q/C?

    But that's what you get, when MS eliminated 18K employees 2014, mainly in Q/A and /Q/C, and crowed sourced the same functionality. Forgetting that volunteers in insider preview and Beta tester programs are not qualified to perform Q/A, much less Q/C at the same level for free.

    On the other hand it did work out for MS from the perspective of the company's bottom line. Up till 2014 MSFT had been perennial $40 stock. Starting in 2014 the stock price is steadily rising, currently around $109, despite the fact that it is loosing market share, discontinued Windows smartphones, etc. Some people believes that Windows 10's telemetry may have a lot to do with that and it probably does. I don't really blame them, even if they do, since everybody does it nowadays. It's hard to say no, when one sitting on a pile of data and others are offering a big chunk of money just for sharing it...

    That would explain why the first thing any Windows update does is re-enabling the telemetry. Cynically, deleting user's data is the second thing and third thing is to mess with device drivers...

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    Windows 10 IoT

    lx07 said:
    Enterprise isnt the same as LTSC. It was there just long enough for me to download the Enterprise LTSC 2019 ISO and disappeared when all the other 1809 ISO's were pulled.
    Its a special custom version of Enterprise.

    Surely a MVP would know that.
    EDIT: Fixed the other post. I said Enterprise but meant Enterprise LTSC. Technically Enterprise was pulled too all the 1809 ISO's were pulled. And technically, I'm no longer an MVP

    It's listed in My Visual Studio as Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2016

    Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB (x64) - DVD (English)
    Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB builds on Windows 10 Pro, version 1607 adding premium features designed to address the needs of large and mid-size organizations (including large academic institutions), such as advanced protection against modern security threats, full flexibility of OS deployment, updating and support options; as well as comprehensive device and app management and control capabilities.
    The LTSB edition provides customers with access to the Long Term Servicing Branch as a deployment option for their mission critical devices and environments.

    Released: 8/11/2016
    SHA1: 031ED6ACDC47B8F582C781B039F501D83997A1CF
    File name: en_windows_10_enterprise_2016_ltsb_x64_dvd_9059483.iso

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    Windows 10 Pro

    We are users of a free gift, MS are "Teflon Coated" Loser's
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    Stitch194 said:
    MS are "Teflon Coated" Loser's
    Loser's what? Head?

    Or you mean a greengrowlsers apolstrophy? '.
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    alphanumeric said:
    EDIT: Fixed the other post. I said Enterprise but meant Enterprise LTSC.
    Got it
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    Windows 10 IoT

    lx07 said:
    Got it
    It took me a bit to figure out what you were on about, lol. Then I saw my sort of typo.
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