Windows 10 October 2018 Update rollout now paused

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    Windows 11 Pro x64 Version 23H2

    Take a Macrium Reflect image of your system, apply the fix. Any issues, restore.

    Not sure how old your Lenovo is but most vendors do not maintain drivers long after production stops.

    Bet your drivers are labelled Intel and not Lenovo in device manager today.

    Just so you know I updated, no issues.... but I had an MR Image to fall back on.
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    Kari said:
    ...two of them have a standing order for tinfoil on Amazon to be sure they always have a nice tinfoil hat because "Microsoft does this and that, I do not trust them".
    Hahahaha! I fall in that category. I am running 1809 and had no problems....because I wore my friggin tinfoil hat....with the chin strap fastened securely! I would not use Onedrive, or even allow it to remain on my system at all...or System Restore, or Defender, or Cortana, or....on and on and on. I would never even put any file of mine in any premade Windows folder (My documents, Videos, Music, none of them).

    I would never do an "upgrade" to any Windows OS, ever. Always clean format and install. I would never install any Windows with any drive other than the one Windows is being installed on even connected to my motherboard. I remove them completely, and partition the new Windows drive before booting the install media. Too many times Windows has borked a drive (a backup storage drive) that should not have been touched, at the least, it tends to like to slap a bunch of boot files onto the second drive instead of the Windows drive where they belong, then if you ever remove/format the second drive...poof, no more Windows on the main drive.

    I never leave any file I don't want to lose on a Windows partition. They get created or moved to a working/backup drive the second it is possible to do so. A Windows partition, to me, is just a temporary swap space to work on and then GTFO of as soon as possible. And a complete backup image is always ready to be restored in case...whatever...virus, bad update or driver, etc. I doubt Windows ever survives more than a week on my drive without a backup restore for one reason or another. So I always have a 'brand new' clean install.

    Anything Microsoft / Windows is stupid as @#$%, and it needs to be treated as such.
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    f14tomcat said:
    No, actually spigot.
    But if it was on a vine barrel, it wouldn't be Faucet, or tap but "Bayonet" !!!

    Anyway, last evening I saw another W10 laptop that was updated but didn't loose any files. MS account but no syncing to One Drive. Owner didn't even notice it was updated. He is so computer illiterate that didn't even know what updates mean and how they work.
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    DJG said:
    My big question is do they plan to fix the broken overclock in 1809 or will I have to stay in 1803 minus the xxx347 update?
    Windows can't change OC set to BIOS, it can only keep processor from working 100% thru power plan. Try this Add or Remove Ultimate Performance Power Plan in Windows 10 | Windows 10 Tutorials to make Ultimate Power Plan.
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    Eddie Doc said:
    Cheers - who knows what tomorrow will bring?
    I know, I know, but those bills coming tomorrow are not going to pay themselves.
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    Bree said:
    Like faucet for tap, you mean?
    burglarize for burgle?
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    Kari said:
    I am happy that only four friends of mine lost the data, as far as I know, but the point here is that out of these four, two are users who would never sign up for a Microsoft account, who would not even think about using OneDrive.
    @Kari - just a quick one : I suppose they haven't created an image before the update?
    (e.g. using Macrium Reflect Free).
    So they could either restore the image or mount it so as to access the \documents folder there.

    Personally, I believe creating an image just prior to major updates is the best way to go.
    And turn off "automatic updates" .. (also personally).
    I agree: many laptop users have just 1 SSD, so all documents as well as OneDrive are stored on C:\
    Desktops usually have multiple HDDs. If documents are not required to be shared, they can be stored on a different drive.
    Hopefully MS hasn't pushed users to using Google Drive (Office seems to require a plug-in for that though)
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    Are you sure MS did not just move the files somewhere else. This is the best program to find something.
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    cereberus said:
    What is AK, AR, CA, DE, FL, HI, MI, MN, ND, NV, OR, SD, TX, VT, WA, or WY :-D?

    Are you guys across the Pond still using cheques? They have virtually died out here as most retailers no longer accept them (Interestingly the banks have just had to do a U turn on phasing them out completely, as they could not come up with a suitable alternative for postal payments).
    - We're still innovating on cheque clearance here- clearance time has recently shrunk a few days, and it's now possible to pay a cheque in using a mobile phone apparently.

    HMRC (govt tax) sends out cheques by way of repayment on occasion. And paying a cheque to someone is actually more reliable than making a first time electronic transfer using sort code and account number where there are no check digits (get it? - probably confusing for Americans ) to detect simple digit errors. As the name is 'for reference' (= ignored!), swapping a couple of digits or a wrong digit means you could easily pay Theresa May instead of John Smith.

    Welcome to the grand world of digital banking.
    Last edited by dalchina; 09 Oct 2018 at 01:38.
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    Windows 10 HOME 64-BIT

    Microsoft boss to employees:

    Windows 10 October 2018 Update rollout now paused-dn-deoiu8aa95vc.jpg
    Last edited by RingTailCoon; 09 Oct 2018 at 01:20. Reason: Forgot the OOOOOOOOOOOO........
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