Windows 10 October 2018 Update rollout now paused

  1. DJG
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 22H2 19045.4239

    My big question is do they plan to fix the broken overclock in 1809 or will I have to stay in 1803 minus the xxx347 update?
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    So to those who clean install update. Do you get any of the event ID 1534 or audit failure 5061?

    I just upgraded via windows update last week.
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    Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

    I loaded the 1809 update from scratch and had no problems with data loss. First off I keep all my important files on removable hard drives. I may load important data as I do work to one of my 3 hard drives permanently in my PC, but at the end of the day I insert one of my removable data drive in to backup the day's work. I use the second removable hard drive before doing system updates or as in the case of loading Windows 10 1809 to back up all my saved data, pictures, etc. These drives are set aside until the updates or upgrades are done loading and seem to be running OK. This way if I finish an update or upgrade and the system is unstable, I can just role back to the old edition or if that does not work, I just do a fresh install of the old OS, reload the backed up files and I am ready to go. Seems a lot safer than loosing everything like some people did with this past Windows 10 1809 upgrade. Yes it is extra work, but I figure it is safer in the long run.
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    Multi-boot Windows 10/11 - RTM, RP, Beta, and Insider

    dwarfstar55 has a good backup plan that works for him. Whatever backup plan you have, remember to do your backups this evening or in the morning. Tomorrow is Patch Tuesday.

    Cheers, and goodnight.
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    Windows 11 Pro X64 22H2 22621.1848

    With that much hard drive space you should be doing image backups using a program like Macrium Reflect. Then you can just restore the backed up image and be up and running again in 20 minutes or so instead of having to do another install.
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    Windows 10 Home Version 21H1 OS Build 19045.2130

    f14tomcat said:
    dwarfstar55 has a good backup plan that works for him. Whatever backup plan you have, remember to do your backups this evening or in the morning. Tomorrow is Patch Tuesday.

    Cheers, and goodnight.
    Cheers - who knows what tomorrow will bring?
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    Windows 10 Home

    sportsfan148 said:
    Windows 10 1809 build was installed through Windows Update on the 2nd October on my laptop.
    Ive only just found out on here that Microsoft have since pulled the update because of problems. I don't appear to have lost any files during the update and haven't noticed any problems as such yet. Boot up on the other hand does seem slower. There may be other problems but I just haven't come across them yet.
    What should I do? Ive read that you can Roll Back to 1803 if its within 10 days though I don't know how reliable that method is. Is it done through Update and Security/Recovery and select Go back to a Previous Version?

    Would it be recommended to Roll Back to 1803 and then wait for 1809 to come through Windows Update again when its fixed over the coming days?
    Myself, I didn't lose any files after updating to 1809 but the whole computer experience became degraded after the update. 1809 did not feel right in my computer. Performance felt terrible. Never before I putted much attention to Memory usage as there was no reason to, as I got nothing running other than Microsoft processes and some of the programs that came originally with the laptop.

    But with 1809, I found myself looking at Memory in Task manager as even activities like opening Settings, Task manager or clicking Start menu, took a lot. For example, when I clicked to open Settings or Start menu, I would see the swirling wheel next to the pointer of the browser. I dont play games or do anything that consumes lots of resources and got almost nothing running at all times, my computer has always felt great with all previous versions going back to 1607. But with 1809, everything I usually do with the computer, takes more memory. I seen a couple reports in this thread of Memory rising up to 65%. I didnt get to see it that high, but 1 or 2% above 50%.

    Anyway, I just didn't feel comfortable with 1809. So, when I saw that it got pulled.I went back to 1803 using the Recovery Option in Settings. Thats the first time I used that Option. It worked fine. It took a few minutes, very fast. You ask, about what you should do and whether the Recovery Option is safe. I think you should do what your instinct tells you. Myself, I didnt feel comfortable with the new version and when I saw it got pulled, that told me to go back to 1803. No pondering. I am glad I did.

    About how reliable it is to go back using the Recovery Option in Settings. This is what I found. Basically, everything was as it was when I updated but I was surprised to see that a couple of programs I uninstalled while in 1809 were still uninstalled when I got back to 1803. My thinking before going back was that they were going to be put back when landing in 1803, but they were not. This programs were 2 programs from Intel that I always wanted to get rid of but never did get rid of them as information in the internet tells that there might be problems after uninstalling them. This detail should tell people reading here how terrible 1809 felt in my computer as I took a chance getting rid of this programs that I always wanted to get rid but never did before because I was afraid. Memory was a little better after uninstalling this programs but I still felt going back to 1803 was the right thing to do (for me).
    sportsfan148 said:
    If so, Im curious to know what happens after you've done that Roll Back. Obviously you're put back to your working version of 1803 but what happens with 1809 when they produce a fix? Will the 1809 feature update be automatically pushed again (as it was originally to my PC) through Windows Update as soon as its ready? Or because you've Rolled back to 1803 Build ..does Windows Update then register that 1809 just doesn't work on your PC so it wont be offered again through Windows Update even after they've fixed the issues with it?
    When you click to go back, there was some sort of questionnaire asking why you going back, I choose the option that seemed closer to lost performance. It didnt say the word performance but thats what it meant. So, hopefully when 1809 is out again (tomorrow or whenever) Microsoft takes your answer into consideration and dont push it right away. Thats what I am hoping as I dont want 1809 right now.

    Another thing I noticed after going back is that my free space is about 7Gb shorter that before the update. The option to clean up update files was about 650MB. There are no more Options to clean more or folders in C drive related to this type of updates. In my unprofessional way of thinking, I ll say probably those GBs are the 1809 downloaded files and setup or whatever and MS is saving them for a future reinstall. I hope this is not the case as I would prefer not to reinstall same version of 1809 in the future when the time comes.

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    So should more people roll back then?
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    Win10 Pro

    Redbatman said:
    So should more people roll back then?
    Its really up to each person to decide for themselves but the only way I would feel completely safe rolling back is if I had a full Macrium backup. I would hope that everyone would run a full backup before installing a major update. And yes, I rolled all 4 of my systems back to 1803. It’s obvious that 1809 wasn’t fully ready for deployment.
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit 1809

    I'm a little unclear about the Intel Audio Display device driver issue. Microsoft still states that it only affects versions 10.25.03 to 10.25.08 but the article Shawn linked earlier in the thread states that 10.25.03 and earlier are affected. I currently have an earlier version which works fine and I would rather wait for Lenovo to test/customize the new driver { which includes} than install the generic Intel version. Will my earlier driver have issues with the new build and/or will 1809 even install with it?
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