Hello Skype Insiders!

We’re glad to announce that with this update you now have the ability to archive conversations in Skype! Thank you for all of your feedback; we've listened and made some changes we think you’ll love.

Here’s how it works:

1. You have the option to archive a conversation from…

  • The chat list item menu. (Right click or long press on a conversation)
  • The chat settings within the conversation profile
  • A keyboard shortcut for the conversation open
    • Mac: [Command] + E
    • PC: Ctrl + Shift + E

2. A conversation will remain archived until…

  • Something that would've caused the conversation to move up in the chat list happens (example: new message is received, a new person is added to a group, etc.)
  • You search for the group conversation or contact and select it to open it
  • You go to your contacts list, find the contact for the archived conversation and select it

3. You will still be able to use search to find messages in an archived conversation

4. When a conversation gets archived from one device, it will be archived on all devices

We have a couple questions for you and we would really appreciate your feedback on them.

  1. We’re still working on providing an option for you to see all your archived conversation. Is this something that you would find useful?
  2. Do you think conversations should be automatically unarchived when you select and open them?
  3. If you could choose between the terms “Archive/Unarchive” vs “Hide/Unhide” what would be your preferred one, and why

Your feedback helps us make Skype better every day, please keep it coming. We look forward to hearing more from you.

The Skype Team

Source: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/...e-e5984b85dbea