With the pre-release of 1810 you should now be seeing the new avatars throughout the Xbox One dashboard!

We are excited to hear what you think about them and would love to get your feedback. If you havenít already, please take the time to fill out our Xbox Insider survey on avatars.

We have heard that some users are uncertain where avatars should show up. We want to help clear up any confusion.

First, as we roll out the feature, many of your friends may not have access to create their own avatar. You will see more avatars as the feature rolls out broadly and more and more of your friends are able to create avatars.

Next, you should check whether you have chosen to represent yourself as an avatar or a gamerpic. This setting can be found under your profile after selecting ďCustomize profile.Ē From there you will want to make sure to check the ďShow my avatarĒ checkbox. This will enable you to see your own avatar on your profile page and in activity feeds. Additionally, now that you have chosen to be represented as an avatar, your friends will be able to see your avatar in various locations through their Xbox One Dashboard, including activity feeds, and friend content blocks.

Finally, you should be aware that, the first time after taking a console update, your avatar my take up to 10 seconds to appear on your profile page. In this scenario, you will see a gamerpic for the first 10 seconds before your avatar fades in. This will only occur for your own avatar in Profile, not for other peopleís avatars or other scenes with avatars. It also will only happen the first time after an update.

Whether you select an avatar or not, you will still be able to see the avatars of any friends who have chosen to represent themselves as avatars.

Here are the key locations where you can find the new avatars:


If you choose to represent yourself as an avatar you will see your own avatar on your profile. If not and you have friends representing themselves as avatars, you will see their avatar on their profile page.

Activity Feed


Profile Compare


Club Header

Here are a few other places you may see your avatar.

Top of Home

Occasionally, the top of home will show avatars. This will typically be to call out friends online or to compare your Gamerscore with a friend.

Content Blocks

You can pin friends to home and will see their avatar if they have one.

Ambient Notifications

If your console is inactive for a while, you may get see a notification highlighting your friendsí status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I donít see any avatars, is something broken?
A: This can happen if neither you nor any of your friends have chosen to represent themselves as avatars. Refer to the section above on making changes to your profile to display your avatar. Also note that, as we continue to roll out avatars more broadly, not all your fiends will have the ability to create their own avatars. As more people get access to the new avatars, you will see more and more avatars appearing on the dashboard.

Q: Where can I see my own avatar?
A: If you have your profile set to show your avatar, you can see them on your profile page and in any activity feed posts that you make.

Q: I think I did everything right, but I donít see my own avatar on my profile page. I only see a gamerpic. What is wrong?
A: The first time you go to your profile page after receiving a console update, you will see your gamerpic for up to 10 seconds before your avatar fades in.

Q: Why donít I see any avatars on Home?
A: Avatars pop up at the top of Home on occasion based on a variety of different factors. Seeing them on Home is not guaranteed. That said, you can always pin your friends to Home to show their avatars.

Source: Avatars on the Xbox One Dashboard: QA - Xbox Wire