Welcome to the second post in this "Windows Command-Line" series. In this post we'll discuss some of the background & history behind the Windows Command-Line. Specifically, we’ll explore its humble origins in MS-DOS, to its modern-day incarnation supporting tools like PowerShell and Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Posts in this series:

  1. Command-Line Backgrounder
  2. The evolution of the Windows Command-Line (this post)

In this series' previous post, we discussed the history and fundamentals of the Command-Line and saw how the architecture of Command-Lines in general has remained largely consistent over time, even while terminals evolved from electromechanical teletypes through to modern terminal applications.

Our journey now continues along a rather tangled path, starting with early PC's, winding through Microsoft's involvement with several Operating Systems, to the newly reinvigorated Command-Line of today:

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