Windows 10: Windows 10 is said to be running on 67 million PCs already

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  1. Layback Bear's Avatar
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       04 Aug 2015 #30

    To test the most used operating system will really come when people have to pay for Windows 10.

    Free candy is much harder to get rid of when you have to sell it.
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  2.    04 Aug 2015 #31

    Mark Phelps said: View Post
    And, they are not telling you how many FAILED. I have three Win7 PCs. Win10 failed on two -- the ones I tried. Left one in such a bad state that I'm still doing cleanup! Spent over an hour on the phone with HP support, and they are swamped with calls from folks in similar situations -- expected the upgrade to go smoothly only to trash their machines.
    There it is boys and girls, Microsoft does it again. . .it can only be MS's fault. . .
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  3.    04 Aug 2015 #32

    Still waiting for my download to come in-hopefully soon and hopefully all will be well. I have done backups of my files, etc on an external Hard Drive for a just in case. Just do not want the personal assistant-Cortana. I have a Lenovo B50-30 ten point touch desktop-27 inches/i7/12 GB and 2TB currently with Windows 8.1.

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  4.    04 Aug 2015 #33

    alphanumeric said: View Post
    Upgraded 4 PC's here. No roll backs, don't expect to either. 10 is staying.
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  5.    04 Aug 2015 #34

    It would appear that those who were part of the Insider Program have had far fewer problems then those who weren't. Those on the Insider Program in most cases reinstalled their original OS prior to the update thus giving them a fairly clean install. . .:)
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  6. bondr006's Avatar
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       04 Aug 2015 #35

    Hey all. Great forum you have here. 3 laptops upgraded from 8.1 with no problems. I did not wait for my reservation. I went directly to on all 3 machines. Running smooth as butter. I have been using Windows since 3.1 and I already like 10 the best.

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  7. Ztruker's Avatar
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       04 Aug 2015 #36

    Anyone know what the current installed number is? It has to be huge by now.
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  8.    04 Aug 2015 #37

    jimbo45 said: View Post
    Hi there

    8 VM's !!!!! upgraded so far -- Good thing about VM's is that they have IDENTICAL hardware !!. Upgraded one and cloned to the rest. All activated properly.

    In the old days I used to have to use TechNet for this type of stuff but now until Ms sorts out the download mania grab as many freebies as you can !!!

    I actually LIKE W10 -- makes my old W7 system look Old and painfully slow.

    Actually I'm surprised Ms didn't use Bittorrent for delivery instead of spending humungous amounts of money on extra bandwidth and servers -- Bittorrent if used legally with secure servers and trackers is a perfectly sensible way of satisfying this type of demand --what will Ms do with all those servers after this initial frenzy is over " psst- want to buy some cheap hardware !!!!".

    (I think I know the answer already) but, are you running those in VirtualBox or VMWare? Because I have an install on VMWare and it has so many issues, sound lags, limited mic functions, etc. Just curious.
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  9.    05 Aug 2015 #38

    Layback Bear said: View Post
    To test the most used operating system will really come when people have to pay for Windows 10.

    Free candy is much harder to get rid of when you have to sell it.

    Most people will not have to directly buy windows 10.......... After the one year period if someone is still on windows 7 and they want 10, they will go out and buy a new laptop with it already installed. Those who build their computers or like to buy software will not have a problem as they understand the cost of what they are buying.

    This isn't a jab at you, I just don't understand where you are coming from. It is ok to dislike or hate windows 10, it's another thing to suggest we will all have to pay as if it's any different than how windows 7 or 8 were released. Unless I'm completely miss understanding what you mean.
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  10.    05 Aug 2015 #39

    Lee said: View Post
    There it is boys and girls, Microsoft does it again. . .it can only be MS's fault. . .
    Hi there

    Envy sleekbook (HP) upgraded with absolutely NO trouble.

    In any case if you ensure that you take a backup BEFORE upgrade (I must be getting as bored writing this as others are of reading it !!!) you will have ABSOLUTELY ZERO problem in restoring a PC to it's previous state if the upgrade doesn't go as planned.

    These days with Indian etc. overseas Call centres staffed on the whole by people on minimum wages I'd have thought that almost any person even THINKING of fixing any computer would avoid calling the manufacturer's Call centre AT ALL COSTS !!!

    it's usually the same deal whatever service or whatever country you are in -- Hideous menu with options that don't describe what you want, message "Due to high volume of calls ..etc" Long long wait and when you do eventually get through then there's someone speaking unintelligible English and only making answers that appear on a "pre-prepared crib sheet". They can't even do as they used to YEARS AGO either tell you how many are waiting in the Queue - or do an automatic call back when it's your turn.

    BACKUP and RESTORE will fix all your problems of having a non working computer -- nobody should EVER be left with an inoperable computer after attempting an upgrade -- Again ALWAYS BACKUP EXISTING SYSTEM BEFORE STARTING.

    Then you can restore while you decide what further actions to take on performing the upgrade or wait a few days and see if the problem has been fixed elsewhere.

    @Trust_No1 Ensure the VMware is running at the latest version (11.02 if workstation or whatever VMPLAYER is --I don't use VBOX so I'm not sure what their current release is). Also install VMWARE TOOLS.

    The VM's shouldn't be slow or laggy at all these days - vm software is very efficient -- You MUST have adequate RAM and perhaps even more importantly SLOW HDD's will KILL VM performance - even if you have an I7 CPU or equivalent. If you can have the VM's on SSD's the speed difference will be AMAZING (as will the HOST OS if you can have that on an SSD too).

    On an average AMD (Hideous processor - it's being replaced soon) with about the power of a LOW end i5 with 16 GB RAM and fitted with a few SSD's - I've had W7 Ultimate, W7 Enterprise, W10 insider preview, W10 RTM (retail version), XP, W8.1 Enterprise, W2003 Server and W7 Pro all running on the HOST machine (running CENTOS LINUX rel 7) concurrently. I.e 8 VM's.

    While Linux as a HOST is probably more efficient than Windows I'm sure I could have run all these VM's on a decent Windows HOST OS too.

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