Microsoft's Visual Studio Live Share, now in preview, allows Visual Studio and VS Code programmers to collaborate using their languages and frameworks of choice.

Late last year, Microsoft offered a sneak peek of a new service that would allow developers to collaborate and share projects in a secure way. That service, known as Visual Studio Live Share, is available as of May 7 to testers.

Microsoft announced the preview of Visual Studio Live Share during its Day 1 Build 2018 developer conference.

Visual Studio Live Share lets developers work across Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, Microsoft's lightweight source code editor for Windows, Linux and macOS. Live Share users can use their development languages and frameworks of choice.

Visual Studio Live Share will allow developers who aren't in the same physical location to edit and debug the same code simultaneously in their personalized editor or integrated development environments. The service won't provide just simple screen sharing; they will allow developers to sync repos to collaborate; edit and debug in real-time; and do pair programming on the fly. Microsoft initially is optimizing Visual Studio Live Code for C# and JavaScript/Typescript files...

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