How to get the app

1. From the Microsoft Store: Search "SensorExplorer" or follow this link
2. From GitHub: Go to, the app package is available inside the SensorExplorer folder for sideloading.


SensorExplorer is an app available on the Microsoft Store ( and the app package can be accessed through GitHub ( The app offers tests that allow you to quickly verify the installation of supported sensors such as orientation sensors (accelerometer, simple orientation sensors, etc.), and detailed tables and plots that enable you to monitor different sensors. In addition, logs can be conveniently saved later for debugging.

There are three modes (menu bar on the left-hand side) in SensorExplorer:

1. Test: This mode is used for manual testing of supported sensors. The example below highlights a quick test to verify orientation sensors are installed in the correct position and the sensor data is as expected. The sensor data is read using the UWP Sensors API (Windows.Devices.Sensors:

2. View: This mode is used for viewing sensor data. In this mode, the app displays a data visualization from a variety of sensors (such as accelerometer, compass, gyrometer, inclinometer, light sensor, and orientation sensor, etc.). It can help you monitor the abnormal behaviors of the sensors.

3. Inventory: This mode is used for monitoring sensor properties, data and events. In this mode, the app displays the detailed sensor information in tabular format. You may choose from a list of available sensors. You can also use this mode to set the report interval of sensors.

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