Change Log

The change log lists changes to the Microsoft Teams platform and this document set. At times entries may be used to call attention to a new feature that is simply of interest to Teams developers.

Date Notes Changed topics
04/17/2018 replyToID has been added to the payload for the Invoke and MessageBack card actions. This is especially useful if you need to update the message that the card action came from. Card actions
04/12/2018 Added this topic to track changes to the Teams programming interface and this documentation set. What's new
04/10/2018 Changed authentication URLs to consistently use the tenant ID in the path. Authentication flow for Tabs, AAD Tab authentication
04/06/2018 Added design guidelines for using the Command Box. Command box
04/02/2018 Using bots to send notifications for your app. Notification-only bots
03/27/2018 Expanded documentation for proactive messaging. Starting a conversation
03/15/2018 Refactored documentation for cards. Cards, Card actions, Card formatting, Card reference
03/03/2018 Added documentation for Teams App Studio. Quickly develop apps with Teams App Studio, Using the control library in App Studio
02/27/2018 Added sample code to demonstrate AsTeamsChannelAccounts() method. Get context for your bot
02/05/2018 Added topics for getting started using C#. Get started on the Microsoft Teams platform with C#/.NET

Source: What's new - Teams | Microsoft Docs