This document provides a peek into what's next for Visual Studio. It captures some of the significant features we are currently committed to, and a rough timeframe for when you can expect to see them. It is not a comprehensive list of all new features in Visual Studio, but is intended to provide some visibility into our key investments. These feature sets and delivery timeframes are current, and are subject to change.

Visual Studio will continue to ship to its Preview and Release audience by following the Visual Studio release rhythm process. You can install the latest Preview from the Preview downloads page. Once the features are vetted in the Preview they are promoted to Release.

We welcome your suggestions! You can log your suggestions through the UserVoice forum.

2018 Q2 (April-June)

Feature Availability Language(s) Workloads or Standalone Installer
Manage your app secrets with a new connected service for Azure Key Vault in C# apps. All Workloads
Setup continuous delivery for Azure Functions using Visual Studio. All Workloads
Switch Git branches faster. All Workloads
Set a native thread name with the SetThreadDescription API in minidumps, debuggers, and analysis tools. C++ All Workloads
Use SourceLink authentication with the debugger to reference source files in a repository that requires login credentials. All languages All Workloads
Use Step Back feature, a feature of IntelliTrace, for .NET Core. All managed languages All .NET Core Workloads
Use JIT debugging for .NET Core. All managed languages All .NET Core Workloads
Leverage NuGet package signing and signed package submission on All .NET Workloads
Submit symbols for your packages to a symbol server that is integrated with the Visual Studio debugging experiences. All .NET Workloads
Use cross-platform authentication when restoring NuGet packages from VSTS using MSBuild or the .NET Core command line interface (dotnet.exe). All .NET Workloads
Migrate your Nuget package.config (PC) to PackageReference (PR) using the migration tool. All .NET Workloads
Enable Repeatable builds for PackageReference based projects. All .NET Workloads
Customize the Visual Studio installation location to reduce footprint on your system drive. Visual Studio Installer
Expect full C++17 conformance in Microsoft C++ Compiler and Libraries. C++ C++ - All Workloads
Edit templates for Universal Windows Platform controls in the Visual Studio XAML designer targeting Windows Fall Creators Update and above. Universal Windows Platform Development
Edit visual states and animation in Blend for Visual Studio in Universal Windows Platform projects targeting Windows Fall Creators Update and above. Universal Windows Platform Development
Improved startup and solution load performance. All Workloads
Create, build and deploy applications using Kubernetes and Helm charts to Azure Container Service (AKS). ASP.NET, Azure, .NET Core
F5 to run applications in Container Environment for Kubernetes. Azure
Import local settings for your Azure Function projects to App Service using the publish tools. C# ASP.NET, Azure, .NET Core
Create F# Azure Function projects. F# ASP.NET, Azure, .NET Core
Create new F# ASP.NET Core projects. F# ASP.NET, .NET Core
Use Library Manager to define JavaScript and CSS dependencies and restore them to your projects (e.g., from CDNJS) as a replacement for Bower. All .NET Languages ASP.NET, .NET Core
Integrate 3rd party test frameworks with Real Time Test Discovery. C#, VB .NET Desktop, ASP.NET, .NET Core
Enforce .editorconfig rules at build time including build servers. C#,VB .NET Desktop, ASP.NET, .NET Core
Fix code style violations using One-click code cleanup. C#,VB .NET Desktop, ASP.NET, .NET Core
Take advantage of improvements to the sort order of Go To All. C#,VB .NET Desktop, ASP.NET, .NET Core
Use Automatic iOS Provisioning from Visual Studio. In Preview .NET (Xamarin) Mobile Development
Automatically install the Android API level used by Xamarin.Android project within Visual Studio. In Preview .NET (Xamarin) Mobile Development
Use the Android Designer Split View. In Preview .NET (Xamarin) Mobile Development
Leverage the improved Python debugging experience - including better performance, Flask/Django auto-reload support, and Flask template debugging. Python Development
Use additional project types in Visual Studio 2017 Build Tools, including Azure, Office, and ClickOnce. Build Tools
Use the New AsyncPackage and AsyncToolWindow templates. Visual Studio Extension Development
Try the Visual Studio Live Share Preview) to streamlines real-time collaborative editing and debugging. In Preview Available as a Preview extension in the Visual Studio Marketplace.
Use F# Type Providers and F# Interactive in .NET Core 2.1. .NET Core
Have full support for .NET Core 2.1. .NET Core

2018 Q3 (July-September)

Feature Availability Language(s) Workloads or Standalone Installer
Improve the capabilities of the Configure Continuous Delivery to Azure dialog to cover deployment of Azure Functions. All Workloads
Use ASP.NET publish profiles in the Configure Continuous Delivery to Azure dialog. All Workloads
Switch between solutions that use different source code providers, and Visual Studio will auto-detect and switch to the right provider. All Workloads
Multi-cursor and multi-selection editing. All Workloads
Implement your own CodeLens using the public CodeLens API. All Workloads
Open any set of folders to create a customized and shareable Workspace. All Workloads
Improved Visual Studio's compatibility with widely-used assistive technologies, such as screen reader support for UI notifications. All Workloads
Use Visual Studio across monitors with different DPIs. All Workloads
Run Live Unit Tests significantly faster after making edits. C#,VB .NET Desktop, ASP.NET, .NET Core
Use the improvements to IntelliSense, including contextual completion and completion for unimported types. C#,VB .NET Desktop, ASP.NET, .NET Core
Improved startup and solution load performance. All Workloads
Use the updated Visual Studio Performance Center to optimize settings for extensions and componentsto improve Visual Studio performance. All Workloads
Use language services implemented by the Language Server Protocol. All Workloads
See "just my code" in the debugger in C++. C++ Desktop Development with C++
Use step back in the debugger for C++. C++ Desktop Development with C++
Take advantage of extension packs, which are a set of extensions that are installed together. Visual Studio Extension Development
Publish to the Visual Studio Marketplace using a command line. Visual Studio Extension Development
Use the Snapshot debugger for Azure Services.

Source: Visual Studio Roadmap for 2018 | Microsoft Docs