Hello Windows Insiders!

WOW… We are already more than half way through the Bug Bash!

We will be releasing nearly 60 New Quests today!

Today’s themes are: Accessibility, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Edge Platform

For a quick start, here are 10 suggested Quests from today’s area, but please head over to the Feedback Hub, Quests section and try the other Quests too:

  1. Magnifier and Office integration
  2. Try using Narrator for an extended period
  3. Light and Dark theme update for Microsoft Edge
  4. Using Magnifier and Narrator together
  5. Annotation Pane in Books
  6. Autofill addresses
  7. Media Overlays on EPUB books
  8. Full Screen in Microsoft Edge
  9. Edge grammar tools
  10. Read aloud and Text spacing for reading view

We still have several days left, continue to check periodically and try as many quests as possible, your feedback is invaluable!

Quick reminder, to receive a Feedback Hub Achievement for participating in the Bug Bash, the requirements are:

  • Be on the latest Fast or Slow ring build.
  • Log at least one piece of feedback in the Feedback Hub.
  • Complete at least one Quest in the Feedback Hub.

Achievements will be sent out after the Bug Bash period is complete.

Happy Bashing Insiders!

Windows Insider Team

Source: Feedback Hub