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    Windows 11 21H2 (22000.593)

    Winuser said:
    I had a problem using sleep mode. When I tried to put my computer in sleep mode the monitors would go into sleep mode but the computer wouldn't When I tried to wake the monitors nothing happened. I had to either hold the power button or hit the restart button. I tried rolling back my NVIDIA GeForce driver and sleep still didn't work. Remembering the problem I had with Malwarebytes being uninstalled when I updated I deactivated the license and uninstalled it. Removing Malwarebytes solved the sleep problem. Has anyone experienced this problem? Anyone know of any solutions I can try?
    I would go to the MB forums and report that - trust me, they will want ot know what is going on (and may have a definitive answer for you). One thing right off the top of my head - did you have the ßeta components enabled (I doubt it, because you'd have been screaming bloody murder about the inadvertent website blocking that was occurring everywhere - but still asking....

    And, as a long time tester for them, I can say undeniably that they would very much appreciate the report and the logs that they ask you to generate - better for them to identify an issue now with an IP build than to have it go unnoticed and then all of a sudden pop up when RS4 goes RTM....

    smactilactus said:
    No, I have no reason to lie. It doesn't win me a contest, any awards or money. It took about fifteen minutes, and it was done; twenty at the most. Most of the updates take me more like 25 or 30 minutes, but this one whipped right by, and I was back up and running.

    I also finished the survey. And was very surprised to find that after answering what seemed like a thousand questions, that it was ONLY at around 40% finished. But I continued because it gave me an opportunity to really give M$ a piece of my mind on several topics. I used the "other" space a lot! Anyway, we will see if it has any affect.
    I am curious however, how did you guys rate Donna???
    I didn't rate her badly, but I most definitely did not rate her as the best, either.

    f14tomcat said:
    I could say, but I'd probably be "Up to Date" forever.......
    I'm not skeered lol

    davidsherman13 said:
    I installed 17063 on my laptop. I removed it as it was rebooting the laptop every day at 5:00 pm. I tried to install 17074 but Windows tried to install 17063 again. I want to try 17083 but I don't want to install 17063. Is there some way to delete/remove the insider history on this machine? thanks
    Fastest way I can think is to clean install - but a refresh might be a good start....

    Tony K said:
    I don't use MB. Mine fell asleep the other day with Word, Edge, and a few other apps open. Everything was froze upon wakening. A three-finger salute for a restart and all was fine. Can't remember the last time that's happened. Just placed it to sleep to test and all was fine upon waking. The nature of the beast I guess.
    Yummy. Hope that was a one off....

    Winuser said:
    I have the previous version that I may try later. Defender seems to be working ok so I'm in no hurry.
    It might automagically update as soon as you install (I haven't tried recently to see, I know at one point it used to just install and then check for updates and let you know a new version was available, but I just clean installed everything and installed MB 3 yesterday, so it was the latest version that I downloaded just before installing - so no updates to find.

    Do consider my advice will go a long way to helping figure out if it is a MB problem directly or if it is a symptom that manifested because of MB interacting with something else...which is also entirely possible.

    It's one of the reason that I use this thread to set up exclusions on both MB and Defender from each other: Exclusions for Windows Defender users. - Malwarebytes 3 - Malwarebytes Forums

    Posted by Porthos, who is also active here in these forums...
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    Windows 11 21H2 (22000.593)

    linw said:
    How do you know you're not already "up to date" forever. I mean, it came in the email so "we know who you are"!
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    Windows 10 Home 64bit 21H1 and insider builds

    linw said:
    How do you know you're not already "up to date" forever. I mean, it came in the email so "we know who you are"!
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    W10 21H2 19044.1387

    I did the MS survey and it took me about 45 min. Was ready to ditch it several times, but hung in there till the end. I did not like the choice to only choose the top 3 on many questions when I could have checked 6 or more. There were more than enough "what?" questions there.

    I'll be much happier when the "you won" email comes.

    Speaking of clean installs, I guess I am "lucky"?? that since this machine is a conversion from a free update from Windows7/8.1, I have not done a clean install since the very beginning of insider updates. When I see a notice of a new update, I do a minor scan of the system and clean all the junk type files etc and then make a image of the present system and then go for the update. When iso's are published, I do a download and store them on my HDD. I have done the iso creation before selecting "restart now" and after the installation was completed just to make sure I could do one if necessary.

    I am currently running 1 W7 machine, 1 W10 machine that shares pro FCU & insider, 1 W10 home FCU laptop, 2 Win 10 Phones, 1 machine that shares Linux and Chrome OS and finally 2 Raspberry Pi machines. Enough to keep me busy in retirement.
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    Windows 11 21H2 (22000.593)

    I did the survey late last night. I saved 2 very poignant questions and my responses:

    53. As a Gamer, what one thing would you add or improve to improve your gaming experience on Windows?

    Bring back the Windows XP feature of hardware profiles - I don't want a separate login on my computer for gaming, I'd rather use a (hardware, or whatever you decide to call it) profile which allows me to control what software is loaded / allowed to run based upon my profile choice, with a simple reboot moving me from one profile to another (while keeping the same login, and thus the connection to the same Microsoft account).
    71. Now, we want to hear more about how Windows 10 helps you do what you love.
    Do you teach the solar system using virtual reality? Did you meet your best friend gaming? Share why you’re a fan of Windows and how Windows 10 impacts your life. (Optional)

    The main thing about Windows 10 is that it allows the end user to delve much more deeply into the system in a much easier manner than before. The backend of Windows 10, aka WinX, such as the task manager, resource monitor, a lot of the items in action center, improved task scheduling, and even the problem steps recorder, have made life a lot easier for individual IT professionals such as myself, running a small business that provides IT services to consumers locally.
    The thing is, the Task Manager in Windows 8 almost convinced me to move from 7 to 8. In retrospect, I'm very glad I didn't (for one thing, it wasn't free ). But when I saw the features initially being touted in the original TP, I knew right then I had to try it. And I did so, expecting every day that I would get a "Thanks for trying, now go buy it" message.

    So, when they offered the first year of upgrades from 7/8 --> 10 free, I was blown away. I quickly started gathering my TechNet Win 7 keys and running VMs and upgrading them.

    I really love the back end of WinX that much. I rarely have a need to go grab an app like Process Explorer, which I used extensively on Win7 (along with another similar utility that was code assisted by one of the longtime users at VistaX64 / 7F, dmex, cannot remember the name of that one anymore, I want to say process something, but I forget).

    Yeah, ProcEx is much, much more deep delving than task manager - but this TM and the other backend components of WinX give me a lot of what I need without all the extra stuff I never use.
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    Windows 10 preview 64-bit Home

    Back to three hours on this old Toshiba laptop to upgrade. Meltdown protected seems to up the CPU usage. That's OK. I've no chance to get Spectre BIOS update as Toshiba have washed their hands of an extremely good Laptop. Satellite A350-12J.
    UK site for my Tosh is ... tosh. I can't believe that such a big company won't make the effort to look after its customers, albeit on older machines, bought in good faith. This instance should not be an issue of out of warranty or age of the computer in my humble opinion.
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    Windows 10 21H1 Build 19043.1023

    My first Windows Update to Build 17083 failed, so I had to download the ISO from, who else but @f14tomcat, who is so generous to us all with his ISOs.

    Build 17083 is installed and I've been working with it all day and everything I use seems to be working just fine. Like the past several Builds, it just works.

    I wish I could test everything included in every Build, but there are things, such as games and other things, that I just do not use, nor know how to use. Those things will just have to go begging as far as my testing them goes. My test/opinion wouldn't be worth a flip to Microsoft. I could give feedback to say, if you want me to test, you gotta make it so I can use/understand it. Where's the logic in that?

    I am an Insider with a subscription to Office 365; I don't use all of it. Access is included, but I don't test it because (1) I don't have a need for a database program and (2) I don't want to jump through the hoops to learn something I won't properly use.

    That said, I'm about to have a reason to learn PowerPoint, since I'm starting a class on getting around in Windows 10 for Seniors.
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    Windows Insider Fast Ring LatestKUuuntu 20.10

    I have not tried to use sleep/suspend on 17083 but on previous build the computer would turn off and require a hard reset to boot. Does anybody know if this problem has been fixed?
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    WINDOWS 10 Pro x64 build 19042.685

    For some strange reason, the options "Show Bar" or "Hide bar" doesn't appear in the context menu of the Edge's Favorites bar, I don't understand why, I think that is the reason why, in my case, this new feature implemented by Microsoft doesn't work well:
    Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17083 for PC Fast+Skip-fav-bar.jpg
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    Under the Hub icon is a settings gear, then you turn on the bar for it to work as described.
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