Windows 10: VMware-usb storage device not recognized

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  1.    09 Dec 2017 #1

    VMware-usb storage device not recognized


    I'm running Windows XP in Workstation Player on a Windows 10 laptop.

    My USB CD/DVD drive is able to mount in the Player. So is a flash drive.

    My Western Digital ssd (My Passport Ultra) is listed in "Removable devices", but fails to mount, giving this error:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    In the Virtual Machine settings, the USB controller is using usb 2.0.

    The WD ssd is compatible with usb 3.0 and 2.0, and is supported by Windows XP. My desktop computer running Win XP has no problem mounting the drive.

    The device manager in virtual Win XP shows it as an "unknown device."

    I've read everything I can find on the problem, and tried a number of suggestions from the knowledge base at VMware as well as solutions via google searches.

    Perhaps the WD ssd just won't work on the free version of VM Workstation Player (v. 14).

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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  2.    09 Dec 2017 #2

    Hi there

    Check the USB configuration -- you might have set USB configuration to USB 2 or even earlier -- you probably need to set it to USB 3.

    screenshot below this is for vmware workstation but same is true for vmplayer --otherwise edit the .vmx file for the VM.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  3.    09 Dec 2017 #3

    Hi Jim,

    Yes, I've tried that and I just tried it again.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	setting usb 3.JPG 
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    With usb 3.0, the WD drive doesn't even show up in "Removable devices."

    I read something about Win XP not able to "see" usb 3.0 devices.

    I took a snippet of notepad loaded with .vmx settings.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	notepad showing vmx settings.JPG 
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    The virtual machine is now set to usb 3.0. This screenshot shows "speed="2". "

    Does this tell you anything? Is this where I would edit the .vmx file?
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  4.    09 Dec 2017 #4

    XP never had USB 3 drivers afaik.
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  5.    09 Dec 2017 #5

    Thanks Cereberus.

    As I said, the WD drive uses both 2.0 and 3.0 and it is compatible with Win XP. It's in the documentation. I can mount the drive on my desktop Win XP machine, I just can't get it to mount on the XP virtual machine running within my laptop's Win 10 OS using either usb 2 or usb 3.

    The drive does show up in the "removable devices" list using usb 2.0, but will not mount. It does not even show up using usb 3.
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  6.    09 Dec 2017 #6

    Hi there

    how about really old --go back to USB 1.1

    the other thing you could do is to see if you can source some XP USB drivers --the SP3 (final officlal update) had some USB stuff in it. Install the USB drivers directly on the VM.

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  7.    09 Dec 2017 #7

    I did install SP 3 using a .cab file to update my copy of XP.

    How might I find the drivers from the .cab file?

    I think I already tried usb 1.1, but can try again.

    In your VM, are you having no usb issues? You're probably running something more recent than Win XP, though.
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  8.    09 Dec 2017 #8

    Hi there
    @Paul Bacon
    I have a few XP VM's -- I'll load them up tomorrow and see how my USB 3 devices connect.

    just going to a pub tonight with some colleagues and going to drink a load of Gluwein (like Hot mulled wine but a bit nicer !!) --it's -3 deg (Celsius) here --no snow but COLD (Wind chill factor) tonight !!!!

    Note though I'm running CENTOS 7.2 Linux Host with Vmware workstation 14.

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  9.    09 Dec 2017 #9

    Have fun Jim! I'm about to start cocktails here.

    As we speak, here in US, New Hampshire (northeast coast), we're having our first snow fall. Oh boy we go again.
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  10.    11 Dec 2017 #10

    Hi there
    @Paul Bacon

    In your VMWARE click the Upgrade Virtual machine and choose VMware workstation 14
    Now you can connect USB 3 devices -- you'll have to connect via a USB2 port though -although I haven't finished testing USB 3 ports yet -- may be possible to use USB 3 ports connect somehow.

    Note also I think on XP you can't use HDD's or partitions > 2TB -- not sure with XP and GPT. No problem though accessing SAMBA (from Linux server) HDD's -- got some RAID arrays on the server with one at 9TB --XP can access it just fine.

    I'll test the SSD with a SATA-->USB2 connector and plug it into a USB3 port and see what happens
    will do that later as have some appointments today.

    I've got an SSD (250 GB) connected to an XP VM which reads / writes perfectly -- connected using a SATA-->USB3 connector but plugged in to a USB 2 port.

    Here's the XP VM - afraid Icelandic XP but the image should be clear enough.

    Note I'm running CENTOS 7.2 (Linux) as the HOST but shouldn't make any difference as far as the VM is concerned.

    Click image for larger version. 

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