First of all, I apologize for the multiple postings - I don't get to spend as much time learning this new stuff as I would like.

Since I cannot "activate" my working XPmode, is the VirtualBox snapshot function a solid workaround ? Just create a snapshot NOW, and every few weeks restore it so that my XPmode doesn't fizzle due to lack of activation ?

OR is this a no-go because somehow the system date still manages to kill it ? If this is the case, where does the date of installation of XPmode reside ?

OR do I just let XPmode fizzle and then re-install

OR do i just set back my system date every so often ? Sounds dumb, but I really don't care what my computer "thinks" the correct date is --- I am just grateful for each morning that I don't wake up dead.

OR does someone have a solid workaround ?