I have been using the standard remote control app from my Windows tablet to connect to other installs on my laptop (Host or a vm). I use touchmousepointer to flip flop tablet into mousepointer or touchscreen mode.

Problem is if tablet is in mouse mode, you have to click keys on touchscreen keyboard in remote session rather than more natural finger typing. I was forever going back to tablet and toggling touchmousepointer on or off, which is a real pain when using rdp in fullscreen mode.

If you rdp from an android device using Microsoft RDP app, you do not need to use touchmousepointer on tablet, as the rdp client gives you option to flip flop between mouse and touch mode, and is easier to use, and works if rdp session is fullscreen as well.

MS have brought out a uwp version of its remote desktop, and I was pleasantly surprised - it has introduced the same feature as on the android version i.e. you can select mouse or touch mode inside rdp session.

This makes remoting to remote pcs/vms so much easier from a tablet.

Unlike win32 version you cannot set a default windows size. It is either fullscreen, or a full sized window with tablet taskbar at bottom, and app heading bar, but you can minimise it like any window.

Overall this is a rare case of a uwp app being superior (mostly) to its win32 counterpart.