Help with Installing Ubuntu VM in Hyper-v and creating an image as a .WIM within SCCM.

So here's a breakdown of the situation:

- I need Ubuntu to be installed as a VM on several Windows machines e.g. approximately 90-110 Desktops.

- I've used Virtualbox previously which "works" but doesn't allow certain commands in terminal; e.g. networking commands like traceroute, mtr and ping.
(Networking commands is essential)

- Ubuntu needs to be restricted enough to not allow users to do anything malicious to the systems - but seeing as its a VM it should be safe.

- The users need access to Windows so that they can document the commands that they do within Ubuntu.

- I need it all in a Windows 10 image so that this can be deployed to all the PCs.

-Currently use SCCM to deploy software and images (if that helps)

Note: I work in a school so there's a high chance of the kids messing around with things from curiosity/malicious intent.

I know that's a lot to take in; any help would be greatly appreciated.