Hi folks

anybody here managed to get SKY GO up and running on a Windows Virtual Machine.

I'm bashing my head against a brick wall here.

Netflix, BBC Iplayer and Amazon prime all work perfectly so what's with SKY. - Even BT sports works fine on a VM.

Once Netflix / Amazon can distribute the equivalent of SKY SPORTS I'll ditch the whole SKY package -- seems they are still stuck in "The Dinosaur Age" --for example who needs Silverlight and IE 11 to get the wretched thing to work in the first place.

My English colleagues say it can't be done - but I don't give up that easily --and in any case why shouldn't it work --you are allowed 4 devices on SKY GO EXTRA -- a VM should definitely work if it has enough hardware resources which mine does.

When I'm in the UK I've PAID for this service so it should work !!!! -- The graphics card is no problem and the DRM should work just as well on a VM as a real machine.

Maybe Customer service is a long ago distant concept in "Blighty" these days --who knows. Unfortunately that seems to be getting true in the rest of the planet as well -- although a topic for another Forum. !!!!

Strange thing is --works fine from an android phone or tablet - which AFAIK don't use Sliverlight.