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For those using VMWARE and have VM's on the same computer as the Host --Data speed transfer now seems to work at PROPER speed instead of Network speed -- great if you are using Wifi instead of LAN connections.

So for example transfer between 2 Windows VM's and an external device I'm still getting around 70 MB/s (approx. 280 Mib/s) instead of the Wifi connection going through the network.

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Same whether Linux or Windows CU as Host -- still problematical if using other versions of Windows as Host.

Note the 70 MB/s is equiv to around 280 Mib/s = which isn't bad for a small external passport USB 3 HDD and transferring data between 2 VMs. Between a VM and the Host that improves to around 90 MB/s or 370 Mib/s - but it's between the VM's I'm finding particularly impressive - especially for these small external USB passport type drives .

(VMWARE workstation version 12.5.5 - also good for VMware player).