Guest OSs In VMWare Workstation 12 Crash or Freeze

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    pparks1 said:
    Glad you have it working. I have been with Vmware for a long time. It's usually stable as a rock.
    I know. Ive also been using the free VMWare Player for years just so I could play around with various distros of Linux and Windows Server. This is the first issue Ive ever had with it. THe real confusing thing was these problems started showing up just after installing Player on this computer so I didnt think a reinstall or repair install would be needed. Apparantly something got botched in the inital install.
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    jimbo45 said:
    Hi there

    I've used VMWARE for years with relatively few problems both with Windows and Linux Hosts.

    Check of course in your BIOS that VT is enabled (for 64 bit guest OS'es) and that you enable sufficient RAM for the Guest

    Download the latest version (I think currently 12.5.5) and ensure for Windows Guests -install vmware tools and for Linux Hosts - open-vmware tools package is installed (easier generally than compiling vmware tools in Linux and works 100% of the time).

    W10 guest running on Linux Centos 7 Host -- absolutely ZERO problems.

    Attachment 127600

    Also XP Guest on Centos 7 - zero problems as well.

    Attachment 127601

    Version of VMWARE Workstation being used

    Attachment 127603

    Windows HOSTS also work just fine.

    Im running VMWare on Windows and have a CentOS guest within it. So far CentOS seems pretty nice, though I wish it had the KDE interface to start with. Im gonna look into how to install the KDE desktop onto it. Im sure it can be done.
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    Hi there



    For VMWARE Player (V12 / 12.5) do the two following things

    1) Change the boot delay to something like 2 / 3 secs so you can get at the F2 key when the initial Vmware boot screen appears -- F2 is needed to get into the BIOS menu of the VM. If you don't set the delay it will be far too quick for most machines. The xxxx value is in Millisecs. Also good for VMWARE WORKSTATION.

    bios.bootDelay = "3000"

    2) a bit of a nuisance but you need to add a line in the VM config file (.vmx) which boots ONE TIME into the firmware .

    Note this is for VMWARE PLAYER options -- Vmware Workstation which is what I normally use doesn't have these problems of course as you have Boot into firmware in the power on menu.

    bios.forceSetupOnce = "TRUE"

    You'll need to add nr 2) again if you need to boot into the BIOS as it disappears after the boot. I.e each time you want to get into the Bios you have to re-insert the line.

    Note - this isn't necessary of course for VMWARE WORKSTATION.

    Guest OSs In VMWare Workstation 12 Crash or Freeze-snapshot22.png


    When doing CENTOS 7 install choose KDE Plasma Workspace from the software install options to install KDE.

    Install also NTFS-3g for NTFS access and SAMBA for sharing. Add the Repos too of course so YUM will update things properly.

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    Sorry for the delay, but actually i have issues pretty similar to yours, and the main problem i have found so far is that the Avaast Antivirus has something to do with it. Wondering if you have Avast on your main computer?
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    Hi folks

    VMWare - current release now 15 so upgrade all the old versions -- also before powering on VM chose "upgrade this virtual machine" and in the drop down select VMware workstation rel 15.

    For CENTOS samba ensure max protocol = NT1 is in the [global] section -- not SMB1 and ensure windows features has SMB1 enabled - that way all computers are visible on network BOTH WAYS. I'd also choose Bridged rather than NAT for the VM as you then get a real IP address -- easier when debugging Network problems.

    When NT1 is specified all computers are visible from the CENTOS VM, if SMB1 specified or omitted you don't see network map (although devices are still shareable from Windows / TV's etc).

    With NT1 specified in the samba.conf file

    Guest OSs In VMWare Workstation 12 Crash or Freeze-snapshot7.png

    For LINUX Guests you don't with VMWARE need to mess around with install VMware tools -- there's an equivalent package which is often installed by default on most distros -- open-vm-tools.

    BTW on CENTOS run YUM update to get latest updates and use the el-repo repository if you want the latest 4.19 kernel. For multi-media, games, etc etc use also the nuxdextop repository -- google for those as this isn't a 'nix forum - just pointing you in correct direction.

    RAID works well on CENTOS -- install MDADM and configure RAID to whatever you need.

    That said -- I've found CENTOS while not being the most leading edge distro iss 100% STABLE, based as it is on RED HAT's enterprise server and now IBM has bought RED HAT I'm sure it will be even more stable.

    The only times I boot the thing is if adding new hardware or physically moving the server (I use one of those HP proliant Microservers as Host - great machines with nice small footprint to lock away out of sight).

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