Hi there

I'm trying to use one of those external HDD USB3 multi-bay devices on a HYPER-V WINDOWS VM -- seems no way to get the (very) enhanced speed of the HDD's using UASP on USB3.

Any idea if it's possible or not -- these external HDD's if they can't operate at decent speed will be a show stopper.

If I mount these as a Physical device I see all HDD's -- I want these HDD's (4) as a RAID 0 array - some boxes have internal RAID - this one doesn't so I have to do it in software. It does have though UASP enhancement for USB 3 built in.

The "Virtual" controller uses SCSI rather than Native USB 3 / UASP.

With a LINUX VM on HYPER-V Software RAID works fine (mdadm in kernel 4.9) but I'm not getting UASP speed on USB 3.

Anyway round this or is it just a limitation of the "pass thru" mechanism.

I've compared I/O with a VM on VMWARE workstation - the USB 3 HDD's give a much faster I/O rate on average - especially on READ.