Hi there

Is it possible to stop messages from the HOST being sent to the VM when using HYPER-V and VM on same LOCAL machine -- i.e possible to "emulate" VMWARE's "Exclusive mode" where a user can be prevented from switching out of full screen and back to Host system. User should only be able to access the VM and not even be aware that it is a VM.

Note -- of course the user should be able to log out of the VM on his own computer !!! He just shouldn't be able to see the Host windows the VM is running on. I don't want to go to the hassle of trying to set up a VPN which will work that way --grossly overkill for what I need here at the moment.

I've had a couple of messages appearing on a VM (Windows defender saying Scan is OK) on the VM --even though I'm running a LINUX VM !!!.

Is there something in the VM config I've missed.

Logging on to the VM via RDP from a remote laptop (on the same LAN though) I don't get the messages.

(XRDP / KRDP / VNC applications run on the VM - RDP connects to it just the same as Windows - no change to RDP needed on the host).