Hi there

I've noticed that I/O performance on VM's is really poor when using VMWARE with Anniversary update - makes no difference whether the VM is a LINUX or WINDOWS VM if running on the same Host.

For example USB 3 transfers with HDD's -- on 1511 (HOST) transfer rate on the VM not stellar but adequate -- around 110 - 140 mib/s on average for a whole slew of files say around 500 GB worth as a good test.

Same rate on build 1606(HOST) with the same HDD attached to the same USB3 port on the VM transfer rate around 28 - 33 mib/s. !! About USB 2 speed - even a bit slow for that.

I'd updated VMware tools and HOST OS and VM are running on an SSD.

Afraid that's just no good - especially as I'm using the VM as a media server - so I've reverted back to build 1511 until this mess is sorted out.

I'm going to investigate if the same thing happens with HYPER-V.