Windows 10: VMware new build

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       27 Apr 2016 #1

    VMware new build

    New VMware update this morning, if anyone uses it. Version 12.1.1 and updated tools.
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  2.    27 Apr 2016 #2

    f14tomcat said: View Post
    New VMware update this morning, if anyone uses it. Version 12.1.1 and updated tools.

    Installing and testing now

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm switching away from vmware to KVM - but still will be using it for a while yet.

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       27 Apr 2016 #3

    I didn't have a choice but to see the update go on. I was right in the middle of checking on the latest 332 Insider build when the update for WS 12 came in. That was on the second not main however since I am in the middle of another project at the moment with a WS 12 VM! Try upgrading a second 7 VM to 10!
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  4.    29 Apr 2016 #4

    Hi there
    Seems to be OK -- but two things on running an existing W10 VM on CENTOS 7 after upgrading to WKS 12.1

    1) VM tools - install doesn't start or show the "virtual CD" where you can install manually with the.exe file.
    2) After the logon screen appears it takes a bit of a while of random hitting keyboard keys to get the Login (where you enter user name etc).

    I'm going to use another W10 VM on another system -- I'll uninstall vmware tools before I try the upgrade to wks 12.1

    (Note these "defects" are on a LINUX HOST -- they might not nbe applicable to running on a Windows Host).

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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W10 Pro Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64 - remote pc
       29 Apr 2016 #5

    Everything here works as far as the VM tools going on. The place to look is not on the VM's optical drive but in the WS 12.1 Player's "Player button on the main bar at the top>Manage>install or reinstall Vmware Tools". That will then see the tools downloaded and installed indicating the VM has to see a restart. Afterwards things like sharing files with the host and other things then become available.

    As for the latest build that didn't go on until last night when looking into why one the two new VMs was also slow but did see the 332 while the second case usually ahead of the main if not at the same time wasn't seeing any sign of it or any other updates. Apparently during the WD 12 update that install threw off the WU advanced Fast setting reverting back to the Slow ring setting. After each build goes on I go and check to see that still set for Fast.

    Here's the real catch! When going in this time there was no option at all found for anything Insider. But out on the list right below the Developer section there was the Windows Insider Program link and the need to fix something?! Once the first click on the button there turned into the Fix me button and hit again I went back and then saw WD and a couple of other fast updates leaving the updates seen open to watch remotely and finally after the 12hr. period finding this out yesterday morning the 332 downloads just after midnight!
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  6.    30 Apr 2016 #6

    Hi there

    Re-installed the VM -- worked fine

    The old VM I think had problems with the Video driver -- it was created on a HOST machine with INTEL graphics - I'm now running on a HOST with a separate NVIDIA GPU so I think even with the VMWARE Virtual SVGA graphics adapter something wasn't working 100%.

    Normally VM's should run on any environment - however some of these special external GPU's have hardware features in them that may not play too nicely with "Virtual Graphic adapters". !!

    All working 100% now.

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       30 Apr 2016 #7

    What I have found here at times having several 10 VMs going is the 7 VMs upgraded to 10 will see a number of screen res options while the 10 only will see up to 1152x768 when trying to raise them from the default 1024x768 it seems. It's like the fresh 10 installs don't detect the MSI Radeon 5750 at all while the 7 installs did. That is then passed along even on the VM where the TH2 upgrade had to be replaced entirely by a fresh 10 install when not able to upgrade by the manual set up.

    You can't go that new now unless by the Windows Update function apparently. I ran into this when recording a new YouTube clip showing step by step the upgrade to 10 with a few of the problems people run into at times like trying the web based only upgrade tool that flops! and then the download to a second partition on the VM for the MC tool upgrade by downloading the Windows.iso file first then going after the MS Virtual cd which wasn't any good being for 2000, XP only and then the VirtualClone Drive app which after installed saw the iso mounted and forced into a clean install when the upgrade path error came up?

    The first recording had been the 7 Pro upgraded to 10 Pro VM I had recorded all that on showing the Home VM started up fast once the steps were first taken on the TH2 upgrade from 7 Pro when the wait was on! At the end I was then forced and planned of course to try the clean install from the 332 BT folder transferred over at first from another VM backed up until the main saw it. Later the 7 Ultimate VM upgraded to 10 all being recorded was simply paused for a full 12hr. wait and once on that also saw the 1920x1080 high res option as well as the native primary display's 1440x900 and second 20" lcd's 1600x900 but usually seeing the 1600x1024 for wallpapers.

    You might end up needing to see a 7 or 8, 8.1 update on VM as well in order to get the VM to fully detect your card there. Those two VMs are on the main while it was the 12.1 update that apparently stalled the second build from seeing the 332 come in. Then the Start10 Start button flashed briefly on the main which found that Stardock app in the Taskmanager except under the Services not Startup tab until going to uninstall and seeing the prompt for an update that replaced and repaired what the 332 update knocked out on the main host but not seen on the two VMs with the app there.

    So far the 12.1 is running without finding any goofed on the VMs at all. On the second remote case there however it won't matter since the Hyper-V will be enabled again for a look at that more once I can get an iso made up of the latest build or be forced to dump a fast temp install from an older 10 if not 7 iso for 7 Pro on where I can then run the set up from the BT folder stuffed onto a second partition for the clean 10 install there.
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  8.    30 Apr 2016 #8

    Hi there

    One defect I missed with WKS 12.1 -- Not sure if it's important though as I run this program on the HOST.

    VLC shows Menu and screen but you can't get any dropdowns from the menu to even show on the screen so you can't play media with VLC.

    I'm sure this whole kybosh is to do with Virtualisation of the Graphics -- the same VM works 100% fine when run on a HOST with INTEL graphics card !!!

    Nvidia does seem to cause more problems with graphics that INTEL.

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  9. Night Hawk's Avatar
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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W10 Pro Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64 - remote pc
       30 Apr 2016 #9

    Well that actually comes as no surprise since the chip manufacturers will tend to put more effort into the end results. The same would likely be found for the comparison of AMD/ATI graphics vs NVidia on VM as well since NVidia isn't a chip source that continues to develop virtualization support at the cpu/gpu end. To both Intel and AMD alike NVidia is a 3rd party element.

    At the engineering end each of the chip manufacturers have to see a mesh between their brand of gpus along with the cpus working in sync even at the virtualization level since that requires a synthesis of the physical hardware type environment. All this is best left to the engineers to try and break down as far as explaining how all that works.

    In years past it would be ATI vs NVidia before the chip makers got in on the game with ATI being bought out and Intel working on more of the Tablet type devices for the onboard graphics there. The market was mainly desktop and laptop. Virtualization became the focus while in the late XP years before Vista first arrived and has undergone some large changes. Then you also have VMware which also is software which can have a bug or two every so often to take into account. The next WS 13 Player could end up having a bad day with Intel or AMD.

    It was once said that the most troubling things found in the computer field was software bugs! I still need to get VLC running on VM however. Despite it being on a couple of the 10 VMs here I generally run any media on the main build since that is all set up for video as well as audio. Other things like a recorded rollback from either one build to the previous or back from 10 to 7 is another VM project I will be giving a whirl to see how that turns out.
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  10.    01 May 2016 #10

    Hi there.

    @Night Hawk particularly:

    Instead of Para Virtualisation aka Vmware / VBOX which use some of their own drivers you could switch to FULL virtualisation and pass the graphics card thru to the VM for VLC playback.

    The VM won't in theory be more efficient than using Para Virtualisation - but you get the benefit of not needing a HOST OS (or actually a very TINY one) as in ESXI or other HYPERVISORS such as XEN and KVM in LINUX or HYPER-V in Windows.

    One disadvantage of some of these (such as ESXI) you need a separate machine to access and control the VM's - although KVM can reach its VM's with a local console.

    HYPER-V I think has to use RDP to get audio and video and it's not very nice with external HDD's and USB connections.

    KVM will allow VLC to work on a Windows VM running on a HOST with NVIDIA graphics - having problem though with AUDIO as I don't have a separate AUDIO card in the HOST -- it's integrated in the NVIDIA card and I'm using HDMI output. There is a DVI output too on the card so that could work --need more messing around.

    Another sound option is perhaps to use a separate USB device or even an old "Sound Blaster" emulation --- Remember Sound Blaster !! they were good back in the days of XP. !!!

    The USB for sound out idea is probably decent as the DAC (Digital to Analog) converter could be a better quality than the built in one in the Nvidia card and some of these also have decent optical multi speaker output too.

    Esxi has the simplest passtru - but --- disdavantage of needing another machine to access the VM.

    Still it's fun playing around with these VM's.

    I'm using an HP Microserver as Host - so I can't add any more cards -- I'm using the slot for my Nvidia GPU card. Loads of USB ports though including USB3 and plenty of power so a 4 USB 3 Hub works fine (self powered from the server) -I've had 4 external pocket sized self powered passport type usb3 HDD's on the hub all working at the same time --no probs -- plenty of power from the computer --unlike doing this on a laptop or domestic type desktop.

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