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I wish I'd done this earlier -- really flexible and much better performance than vmware or even Esxi.

(note - when setting up storage pool / volumes for the VM - select RAW rather than the default qcows / qemu. It probably won't make a noticeable difference if you've got the whole kybosh on an SSD (or several SSD's) but I'm testing this on spinners currently.

Host is Linux centos 7 with KDE GUI -- I used that so I could use the libvirt GUI (virtual machine manager). Any Linux GUI can do --e.g GNOME if you prefer. Note though you can create and control VM's totally via the CLI if you don't want the overhead of a GUI on your Host OS.

Manging the VM's from the LOCAL machine is also good -- although from a remote machine simply use RDP or Tightvnc. Install on the Linux host package XRDP and then you can simply connect via standard RDP from a emote windows machine.

What I also like about this it's all 100% OPEN source / free -- and since CENTOS is 100% based on the really robust and very common Red Hat enterprise servers - the stuff works !!! and is robust. KVM is of course available on other common Linux distros too if you don't want to use CENTOS.

Note -- there is one defect - you can't use a physical CD / DVD for the VM creation -- simply use an iso image.

For people who don't want GUI's - you can run the whole setup via the CLI -- but in Testing mode I think using a GUI is easier to start with than building install scripts - although that's not hard either -- if you are coming FROM Windows and want to play with this type of stuff I'd recommend using GUI's first until you get a bit of practice..

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