Hi there

An easy way of creating a W10 VM (or any other OS) of your RUNNING machine is simply to start up the VMWARE CONVERTER. You need to be in administrator mode.

Configure the target machine, - unclick DATA drives if you just want to start with creating the system. Remove the extra NIC's it generates and in about 30 mins you've got a VM with all your installed programs etc.

It's possible it might not boot my W10 build 9926) didn't boot first time so what I did was to set the W10 ISO I'd downloaded as a CD iISO image in the VMware config remembering to set it to connect at power on !!! and then BOOT to BIOS or FIRMWARE in the VM. Then simply do REPAR SYSTEM -then it all booted just fine.

Saves creating and installing everything again.

VMware converter -- for P2V (Physical to Virtual) FREE


Note - this also works for W7 / W8.1 etc -- so you could create a VM of your older OS'es -- see if everything still runs OK on them - then install W10 with your old OS'es as VM's. As always though BACKUP your ORIGINAL OS if installing a new one.