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I'm using an HP Micro server as a NAS box --it's running (currently) Centos 7 - These servers have 4 HDD bays and a DVD ODD bay -but you can only boot from HDD 1/2 if you have the HDD's mounted at boot time - OR you can boot from internal USB device, internal SD card or external USB2 device --there are USB 3 devices but those aren't available as boot devices.

I've connected an SSD to the SATA connector which would normally be used by the DVD device and have installed CENTOS to it and got the system to boot by writing / installing GRUB2 (/boot) to the micro SD card. This works fine -- the OS is on the SSD and is loaded by /boot on the micro SD card, So I have all 4 bays available as data drives.

What I want to know is can I create a Windows VHD system and then use GRUB or another boot loader to load the Windows OS (VHD installed on the SSD) from the micro sd card. The bootloader works really well for the centos system -- I'd love to be able to use it for windows but haven't a clue about loading VHD's from the bootloader.

Any help here appreciated greatfully.

The SD card is /dev/sdd1 in the screenshot which loads the OS (resident on an SSD). What I need is to replace the CENTOS OS with a Windows VHD. (Not for me BTW - I'm happy with CENTOS --this is for a colleague who wants Windows).

The other large file is the 9.1 TB LVM file - or storage space -- that can easily be done in Windows via storage spaces once system is converted to Windows.

(IMO my colleague should just run the Linux OS and boot up a Windows VM stored on the SSD - but it's not my machine !!).

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