Wifi adapter no longer supported in Hyper-V virtual switch

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    Wifi adapter no longer supported in Hyper-V virtual switch

    I have succesfully used a Hyper-V virtual switch connected to the wireless adapter in my laptop. All my VM's could access my LAN independently, and could get an ip address from the DHCP server. This means, AFAIK, that my wireless adapter can and does opererate in promiscuous mode.

    This worked up to build 10586. Today, I upgraded to build 11102, and this setup no longer works. It appears that wifi adapters are simply not supported with Hyper-V virtual switches. Bummer.

    When you try to configure a wifi adapter in a virtual switch, it is not simply grayed out, or otherwise made impossible, but it tries to go ahead and then gives an error message (see attachment)

    This does not make sense. There is no other bridge or switch configured.

    I found two work-arounds:

    - configure the wired ethernet adapter to the virtual switch, and create a bridge connection between the wired and the wifi adapters. For me this does not work, because I get an other error trying to create the bridge connection, which I will report in an other thread.

    - use ICS. This works, but has the huge disadvantage of having a NAT layer between the VM's and the rest of my network.

    Has anyone experimented with this, too?

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    I am now at build 14257. I am still not able to create a virtual switch which connects to my wireless adapter.

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    Hi there
    Sorry I can't help you - but I'd like to re-iterate that with the latest 802.11ac Wifi standards one should be able to get comparable to LAN speeds - with no messy wires all over the place so it seems to be a total stupidity to not provide Wifi support for HYPER-V.

    I'm sure even large businesses would be glad to get rid of LAN cables all over the place if the Wifi connections were fast enough.

    I hope that it's a glitch in your HYPER-V installation rather than ms removing Wifi support in HYPER-V. Wifi should now in general be superceeding fixed LAN.


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    Wireless vs wired.

    Thanks for your comments.

    I am not so sure that wireless technologies will take over wired any time soon. Especially server systems, which generally do not walk around, will be kept wired.

    Remember: wireless is a shared medium, all users content for access to it. It is like Ethernet from 30 years ago. Modern wired technology is not shared, each client has direct and exclusive access to its own switch port.


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    I have tried methods including bridging and ICS, and have never ended up with a setup exactly like when using a normal wired Ethernet connection on the Virtual Switch, where I have both a) Internet access for the Hyper-V client, and b) the Hyper-V client able to access the host, other computers on the network, network printers, etc. All solutions gave me one or the other of the two above capabilities. Yet I found a simple work around: I gave up on getting it to work with my computer's wireless card and bought a cheap WIFI-to-Ethernet adapter. It's like a USB -WIFI adapter except instead of plugging into a USB port, it plugs into an Ethernet port.The usual use for these gadgets is to give WIFI access to something like an older DVD player that has only an Ethernet port but no built-in-WIFI. But it works great for a computer too. As far as your computer is concerned you are connecting via Ethernet not WIFI and via your usual Ethernet port, so a normal Hyper-V Virtual Switch setup for an Ethernet connection works fine. When at home I plug my computer into real Ethernet. When out, I take this little "fake Ethernet" device. It's easy to set up - supports 2.4Gz B,G,N. You just reset it (thus forgetting the last WIFI network), plug it into your Ethernet port, launch a browser, and you are forced to its setup page where you select the local WIFI SSID and enter the password. After that, you can browse the Internet from both your host machine and your Hyper-V client. When using this, the device itself receives an IP address via DHCP, and allows your computer to get a separate IP address via DHCP. My adapter is a $24 Netgear WNCE2001, but it's not made anymore and if you find one it will cost around $100. But IOGear makes a $32 model GWU627 "Ethernet-To-WIFI" adapter, which sounds like it's backwards from what we want, but the description and manual implies it's same functionality as my gizmo. Also for $19.89, VONETS VAP11G-300 Wireless Portable Wifi Repeater/Bridge/AP. These all need power, come with both wall plug and USB power cable.
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