Hi there

running latest build as a VM on a Linux Host (VMware workstation v 12.01) the taskbar can't be accessed in FULL SCREEN mode if the taskbar is selected to be at the BOTTOM of the screen.

It works fine if you have the taskbar positioned at the sides or the Top !!!! Go figure !

Not a mega show stopper but I still prefer the taskbar to be at the bottom.

Running the same W10 (latest build) as a VM on a WINDOWS host (W7 or another W10 system) taskbar works even at the bottom.

this is probably a VMware / Linux video driver problem so I don't see a fix to this any time soon.

BTW the same problem also happens with a W7 VM on a Linux host using VMware workstation build 12.0.1

note in Windowed mode taskbar works correctly wherever on the screen it is selected.