Test Windows 10 on a Virtual Machine
Upgrading to a new operating system can be an intimidating undertaking that massively disrupts your daily workflow. And considering the dramatic interface changes introduced in Windows 10, you may not want to invest in Microsoft's latest OS without first giving it a thorough shakedown.

Fortunately, there's an easy, hassle-free way to test-drive Windows 10. Using a program called VirtualBox and the new Windows 10, you can try out the new OS for free, without disturbing your current operating system.

If youíre running Windows, Virtualbox is probably your best bet. Itís free, open-source, runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, the interface is easy to use, and it supports snapshots.

Setup requires a more-than-entry-level PC, since you'll be running two resource-hungry OSes at once. But a virtual machine is well worth the effort, because it means fewer headaches than fully upgrading to beta software or running a second version of Windows on a drive partition. Also, if a VM gets a virus or starts acting weird, you can just delete it and reinstall.

To download Windows 10, go to Windows 10.

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