i use Windows Education, 22H2, 19045.2311.
The Windows sandbox terminates with the error message 0x8007005, "Access denied". Windows sandbox terminates with error 0x8007005 - "Access denied"-2022-12-04-23-35-37.png

The Windows Event Viewer shows the following errors:

  • Error "0x80070005" with "CreateAppContainerProfile" because registration with the firewall was not possible,
  • Error at "CreateAppContainerProfile" for the AppContainer "onecore\security\gina\profile\profext\appcontainer.cpp Line:1905 cmproxyd-87d138ad-954d-4b98-880a-3ada9dabb585 CmProxyD-87d138ad-954d-4b98-880a-3ada9dabb585": 0x80070005,
  • Error while exiting "Virtual Machine": General error (0x80041001). (Virtual machine ID: "87D138AD-954D-4B98-880A-3ADA9DABB585").

What I have already tried without success:

  • took ownership of WindowsSandbox.exe and granted all rights to everyone,
  • dism /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth - dism /online /cleanup-image /checkhealth - dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth,
  • sfc /scannow,
  • Hyper-V and windows sandbox uninstalled and reinstalled,
  • the settings of the Network Virtualisation Service. (Startup type: Manual); Virtual hard disk. (Startup type: Manual); Hyper-V Virtual Machine. (Startup type: Manual); Hyper-V Host Computer Service. (Startup type: Manual); Container Manager Services. (Startup type: Automatic) checked and the services started.

Apart from that, I have noticed that the Windows Event Viewer has been displaying AppModel-Runtime errors and DistributedCOM errors frequently lately, but so far they are not noticeable in everyday use.

Can anyone help me?