Successful virtualization of OSX within Windows 10

So VMbox virtualization is not so much a problem but VMware is. The following is some information on that. I highly suggest making a backup copy of your install disc if possible or even using iDeneb. So far I would say that it would work on all OSX installs that are supported by the VM loader of your choice. IDK about PPC yet as I do have Tiger running via Pear PC but the goal is as follows.

Why OSX ? Well OSX still have some unique applications that many people have forgotten
about or is not in use anymore in which I could use for my possible work. Thus is a reason
to install OSX via VMware while having windows 10 as the primary OS. Maybe if there is a
powerful enough OSX machine one day I will take a backup of my Windows
10 and run it as a VM.

That being said without the hardware you are limited to your machine is able to output. You might want to add more memory
and make sure the machine you are using is fast and up to date. Even so it will be sorta laggy. For me it is like meh, I could work within those terms and OSX has been so sluggish from when I first started college using the clear OS9 machines alongside the "White OSX machines"

Some information below...............................

About VMware.

In order to install OSX in VMware on a windows platform you must unlock the option that is hidden within VMware itself. There are a variety of tools to install for the OSX VM you are using. After you have run the provided program within the cmd console ( via Administrator privileges ) it will make a backup of important files. Bare in mind before you start the procedure you should attempt to turn off any instance of VMware via Taskbar ( usually baring the same name ) and have both the darwin.iso and the darwinPre15.iso inside their respectful folders. You should attempt to use the most latest release but bare in mind there are so many releases of the Unlocker file. Intially I was looking for 204 release but I used the golocker release as I have python installed, which I suggest you install before using the go release.

GitHub - DrDonk/unlocker
is an earlier C++ release of Unlocker. You know C++ that language we all believe we were going to learn and program videogames with but instead ....

GitHub - paolo-projects/auto-unlocker: Unlocker for VMWare macOS
is basically related to the above.

Releases . DrDonk/golocker . GitHub
go locker requires you to install python runtime enviorment before hand. This release should be the latest release of unlocker for VMware unless mistaken so please double check. This is called go because it was written in
go language ( Like Shego from gocity ).

About VMbox

Changing Screen Resolution of Mac OS VirtualBox Guest

OSX seems to have an easier time installing in virtual box over WMware. Mainly because the option
is presented. That being said the above article is informing you how to set the resolution
via command since you would be locked/stuck in 1024 mode which could be very annoying on a
60" OLED display. Currently I am not using such a big display so stretching is okay if you do not mind the pixels for the time