Warp Factor 11 - why dual boot any more

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    Warp Factor 11 - why dual boot any more

    Hi there

    With decent hardware and using hardware "passthru" I have finally made W2K19 server VM with desktop.

    The bits I've done to it (i.e to behave like a desktop rather than a "classical server OS") it absolutely runs rings around even a W10 system on a different physical laptop where the VM is actually running on not the most modern hardware.

    Warp Factor 11 - why dual boot any more-screenshot_20210309_185422.png

    I can't see any reason why people still Dual Boot any more -- even a basic W10 HOME system will work wonders on a decent VM platform with modern hardware.

    (Probably people who don't understand VM's are the same as those who continued to advocate using Malwarebytes or other 3rd party Anti Virus software these days on Windows 1909 and above on HOME computers) !!!.

    (My Challenge out there still hasn't been answered --those using Malwarebytes on HOME (emphasize HOME) computers - what has it shown that the recent builds of Windows (1909 at least and above) and then given in the log that it hasn't found.anything worrying as to viruses etc.

    Malwarebytes isn't the worst but the necessity for these sorts of programs on Consumer grade W10 is over - don't waste your time with these things.

    I get all sorts of answers such as " I use these "because I want "Double security" etc etc" but ZERO replies to the question what has it actually found compared with latest versions of WD - genuine threats --not false positives or even PUPS which aren't actually "Viruses" although they could be annoying.

    Don't waste your money on these old 20C programs. For once Ms is 100% on the right track.

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    Dual Boot Windows 11 & 10, usually latest version

    Ican't see any reason why people still Dual Boot any more -- even abasic W10 HOME system will work wonders on a decent VM platform withmodern hardware.
    I recently moved my main system (W10 Pro – 2004) to a Hyper-V VM running on my second system. (Seemy system specs). So far, the VM version seems to perform as well as it did on my system 1 machine. Now, system 1 is OFF most of the time. One advantage I have seen immediately, is backups. I create frequent system checkpoints which take less than a minute. I also image the drive containing my VM’s weekly using Macrium. Most of my daily working files are stored “in the cloud”, and then copied to another cloud drive, so they are fairly safe.
    The same system hosts several other VM’s, with 2 or 3 usually running concurrently and I don’t notice any degradation. I just try to avoid updating more than one at a time. In my opinion, the VM experiment has been very successful.
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