Hi folks

So far got HYPER-V to run on a Virtual machine creating a lower level W10 VM - The W2K19 machine is itself a VM running on under KVM/QEMU

So far only got Gen 1 to work -- with Gen 2 machine starts but no video - will look at that later

but here's the Gen 1 VM

So LVL 0 --> Host (Arch linux KVM kernel 5.10.7)
LVL1 W2K19 server with HYPER-V enabled
LVL2 W10 Pro running as a VM on LVL1 VM

W10 VM on W2K19 VM on KVM Host !! nested VM's-screenshot_20210213_105918.png

Now to sort out networking !!!!! to the main Host

This gets to be quite fun

BTW you need in the host to enable nested virtualisation of course and set the CPU to passthru (in the cpu use host-passthru in the dropdown if using virtual machine manager .